Tyrell Kings of Summer

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Tyrell / KoS Winner Salzburg Regional & Top 8 @ Fracas 4 3 1 1.0
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JosefK 6

Derived from an old deck with tons of restricted cards, but I really wanted to try Tyrell Summer.

Getting power on Mace is of course harder without The Hightower, but I feel he still is the most stable choice for driving the power rush. Losing Trade Routes to get back on track after resets is a shame, haven't really found a good replacement.

Just as the inspiration deck, this is best played defensively. You get power anyway. Your "win by 5" triggers mostly happen on defense, as well as renown. Between ser Mark, the septons and having 36 characters, getting power from Oldtown should be easy enough.

"The Hands Tourney" because you won't kill off your opponents big characters anyway, and on defense power claim is less painful if the enemy wants to burn you down. Still you should defend their military and power challenge even if it means you can't strike back.

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