Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Sun-and-stars of the Ret

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Badrach 17

Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Sun-and-stars of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil, Dothraki, Bloodrider and their Flesh-Eating Black Dragon, Part 2: In Shocking 2-D

I recommend to read it while this is playing:

Welcome to the 5th installment of the Prince Drogon series. After getting rid of Daenerys Targaryen, our hero has finally won the heart of the horsemen and with his newfound army he intends to get revenge on the people who enslaved and murdered his kin.

Sadly, there will be loads of obstacles in his path, will Drogon be up to the challenge?


The first ones to come into our hero's way are the northmen, tough guys just like his dothraki companions. Many of them, in fact, were seduced by the north way of life and found death as payment. The prince's commander fought bravely alongside the young advisor but fell before the prince could catch up with them. Jhogo (TS) and Rakharo (DotE) earned some medals in the battlefield, but a greenseer snuck up on them and the battle was lost before the prince entered battle.

L: 0-1

R2: VS Targaryen - Assault from the Shadows

Having heard of the prince's plan an Old acquaintance made her appearance. It is a mistery how she survived their last battle, but the Stormborn girl was stubborn too, and wanted the power of the Prince once again only for herself. Due to black magic, arcane arts, the battle was lost with high casualsties on both sides, and our prince had to beat a hasty retreat.

L: 0-2


On his flee, the prince met up with recruiters for the Watch who saw this as an opportunity to gather powerful allies for his war against the wildlings. But, the Dothraki weren't to oblige. Provoking the Khalasar wasn't a smart idea, so the Watch started to fend off the horsemen as best as they could, but they couldn't best the tireless dothraki

W: 1-2

R4: (Link title is misspelled)

At last! Some of the scoundrels that killed his kin ages ago were at the prince's grasp! Things were looking pretty good as the prince's tactics caught off guard the The Red Keep knights. Things were looking good, but the defense of King's Landing started to regroup under the commander of the white knights orders and with some decisive clashes between his men and the prince himself the battle was at its peak moment. And thus it occurred, the prince wanted to give the blow himself, so he ordered his guards to retreat, as the battle seemed over...but it wasn't, just as he was about to give the final blow reinforcements came just in time to take victory over him...and seized the remaining dothraki.

L: 1-3


Drogon was captured, alongside the remaining of his loyal horsemen. The NW's Chief headhunter was assigned to get them safe and sound to The Wall, but as unpredictable as the dothraki are, anyone could predict they would try to escape. As the horselords stood up and fight, a Jedi trainee and his frosty uncle kept the prince at bay. Drogon upset after his previous failures could not let their man to fall prey again to the Westerosi, so he got rid of his captors and breathed fire on the rangers who still wanted to put up a fight.

W: 2-3

Finally, the Dothraki army was free...but what will be of them now?...

Aim of the deck is simple, sing a lullaby to little Drogon before the rest of the table goes to sleep (FOREVER).

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