A Cunning Delena Synergy

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Misanthrope 23

This is the first deck which I post in this site because I'm pretty proud of it and I think it is enough original to be shared. It's not a very strong deck but it's very fun to play it. The concept of the deck is simple : put Delena Florent in play and use massive remove card (Margaery's Influence, Offer of a Peach etc.) to neutralize opponent character with the Delena's ability.

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Gold cards

Classic card (The Arbor, Redwyne Straits etc.) I took Tourney Grounds because it's a non-limited card so you can put it in play easily. Noble Cause Plot is good to start to counter a potential Summer Harvest.

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There are a lot of card to use with Delena Ability :

Remplacement Cards

Now you can fully enjoy this deck. Have fun !


SonOfBattles1 259

A very similar deck was run at Worlds but hasn't been posted here. It's a great deck! I believe it had At the Palace of Sorrows to make use of Septa Nysterica and Maester Ballabar and Heir to the Iron Throne to fetch Delena. I imagine it's even stronger with the new RL.

Diomedes 2858

I like it! You should probably run Flea Bottom as your restricted card with Oldtown Informer

Misanthrope 23

Oh... I was so proud to found a totally new combo ! After few games, this deck need obviously to be improved. I will try Palace of Sorrow in this deck, thank you for you advice.