Ice Ice Baby - Runner-up @ German Nationals

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SGE 247

So this is the deck that took me to the finals of the German Nationals going 9-2 before Ice and my brain put an end to the hopes of keeping the title in Germany.

But let´s talk about the cards. As you see, my list differs from the one with which our Lord Commander took the Blackwater Bay. Unlike Tamas I had the opinion, that there is enough draw in the deck so you can play Yoren (TB) instead of Hobb and Halder. The game swings he can produce are brutal and for me, he is the best card still left in the game. The deck has many ways (Valar Dohaeris, Marched to the Wall, Coldhands, Janos Slynt (TSC), opponets mil Claim) to recycle your non-terminal attachments over and over and drawing tons of cards, even without our three-fingered friend. The second MVP is clearly Craster. I can´t emphasize enough how good he is in the deck, ignoring the effects of four omen plots. The advantage of keeping one guy more during the Valars and his ability to dominate the board in At the Palace of Sorrows turns are simply amazing.

I decided to go with two Recruiter for the Watch and they very very good during the whole tournament. They can take Hobb in the Mirror, Sansa against Stark Crossing, are The First Snow of Winter proof (a plot that can hit the deck pretty hard) and they can carry almost all the attachments, which can be a bit of an issue sometimes.

I chose to go with two Nightmares instead of "Off To Gulltown" and what can I say, Nightmares sometimes just wins games. Occasionally you would really like the effect of having a tricon Craster, but there are four plots in the deck with a reserve value of five. Because of that I wanted to have more cards that I can play and have a bigger impact than "Off to Gulltown", just cycling and drawing me another card, which I have to discard in the end to meet handsize. Also I expected lots of Begging Brothers, who can give Yoren and Coldhands a hard time. Nightmares are a good out against them. Even with two "At the palace of Sorrows" in the plotdeck an early Drogon can still ruin your day and I wanted to have more ways to deal with him as well.

The tournament was really a great event and I have to thank Dennis (Dennis Luke) and Carsten (mythras) for making this possible. I can hardly imagine how much work it was to organize everything, especially the incredible prize support. Thank you very much guys, you are keeping the dream alive!

So, for those who are wondering about the articles name: If you haven´t seen the finals there may have been a little incident when I was not aware of an interaction with Ice, which has turned the game into Chris´favor. I think I put up a hell of a fight afterwards and nearly turned around a game which was, in my opinion, close to unwinable after my heavy mistake. But in the end it was not enough and I would like to congratulate Chris to his win. Well deserved champ, great deck.

Lastly as always a few words of gratitude to Niki (Yuleooze), Jakob (TRYHRDRf1sh), Lukas (evad) who were tinkering, brewing and testing with me. Thanks for your help and your support. Unfortunatelly I could not add another title to our collection ;) Another thing I learned yesterday: Discord players parties after the event can be fun and alcoholic, too.

Alright, that´s it for today. Let´s keep this thing alive, because it is the best game there is.

Yours sincerly

(a hungover) SGE


badass_bard 20

Thank you for sharing you decklist and input into it. I was the madman playing Return to the Fields in their NW Steel in the tournament. :D

I never would have even thought of choosing Yoren as the restricted card because I value Hobb so highly (I actually view him as the strongest card in the game) but your viewpoints are very sound!

Congratulations on your success as well of course! :)

adam_geek 457

I tried your deck today and it's terrific!

SGE 247

@adam_geek Thanks alot! I really enjoyed it, too. I don‘t believe it has a really bad matchup and is generally very consistent.