No One is faster (Friendly Open S01E02 Winner)

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Little Stark Fighters (Runner Up @Blackwater Bay) 4 2 5 1.0
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luke90 125

After winning the second Tournament of the "A Game of Thrones Friendly Open"-Series, I follow the request to publish some of the played decklists.

Technically it's the third time I am publishing this Deck (After the Stahleck Version "Flood the Board" and the Blackwater Bay Version) but it's the first time with Redesigns.

The are some different cards in each list (because of different RL's and now the Redsigns) but the main approach is the same: Play a lot of characters and win as fast as possible :)

There is no Plan B, you win fast or you die!

I was suprised that this Deck is still that competitive but I guess this shows again how ridiculous good some of these cards were before the redesign. I am No One and Bear Island Scout for example were just so much over the top, it's crazy.

Thanks to Zinnie for organising these Series and I hope there will be a time this year, when we will face each other again sitting at the same table and holding real cards in hand :)


Diomedes 3184

How often does Bear Island Scout (R) miss? :D

luke90 125

Completely missing and getting no card at all doesn't happen to many times, but sadly it does and most in the moments when you really need something :D

But the important change is that you "miss" lot of times in terms of getting the body you want. Before the Redesign you could always choose, depends on money and cards in hand, if you want another scout, a she bear or dacey. Now you have to take what you get, which isn't bad at all, the card is still great in my opinion, but no comparison to the power level of the regular one.