Martell Assault City plots Friendly Open s01e05

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Bookerman 10

I used the city plots theme in this deck and I have to say I am pleased with the outcome. It is a typical control deck through icons.

City Festival can give 8 gold in turn 2 with Gulltown inside. It is a great addition to city plots theme.

A City Besieged is for location control and as reset King's Landing Riot.

Then City of Spiders offers flexibility. If I need location control, then Besieged, If I need economy (most of the times) Festival to get 10 gold without drawbacks.

City of Wealth is for closing, most of the times it's stats are 7 7 2 7 or 8 8 2 8.

All in all, 2 plots with 2 claim, 3 plots for economy (4 spiders), 1 plot for location control (2 with spiders). Lastly, Nothing Burns Like The Cold is mainly used to recycle flea bottom.

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