She's muh queen :( 1st Place Polish Grand Championship (9-0)

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mariusmessenger 90

Thank you Makak for organizing this great tournament!!!

In my view since The Prince Who Came Too Late turn 1 out of NW with Here to Serve->Aemon turn 2, Jontron decks went crazy.

I played quite a lot of Jontron decks: Alliance Dragon Qohor (with Daario as a back-up plan), Qohor only, Alliance Rose Qohor... But since i tried the list from Juggernaut-75 - in my opinion lists of this type are the most consistent ones. My list is basically the same with minor changes.

His perfect description (really not more to say):

"This deck is pretty straight forward, you are basically getting jon snow on the board and dominating the challenge phase. If you have jon snow you open loan and go off turn1. If you do not have him you open prince that came to late to get him and turn 2 here to serve for amon to protect him."


After Redesigns Dennis and I were sure this deck is nearly unbeatable without specific counters. 3x The Hand's Judgment and Seized by the Guard+Milk of the Poppy on demand already offers a lot of answers. But I decided to reduce the risk of those counterplays.

(AND YES, Spare Boot-Seal of the Hand-abuse is BULLSHIT)

  • -2 Miner's Pick, -1 Practice Blade, -1 Dragonglass Dagger, -1 Halder (R), -1 Seasoned Woodsman: For me only necessary if burn-decks are a big pressure. More burn-decks -> back to more attachments with str-buffs. I would go back to 3x Halder and cut Grenn. Seasoned Woodsmen hurts! But with less positive attachments it was justified.

  • Political Disaster for Barring the Gates: Shadows isn't that oppressive anymore. Political Disaster still hurts Shadow decks, Builders and location heavy Control builds (clearly not the best match-ups). This one is the only Flex plot. The others are all 100% necessary!

The Pointy End

I was thinking if The Pointy End will be a problem. But I told myself: Only slow decks will play it and didn't give a sh*t :D - then i only need one 3-cost attachment (+ 1 archivist in some cases) and Jonny boy is doing work again (maybe winning 1 turn later). In the end I didn't notice anyone running it. Maybe more people should run it. Maybe not. I haven't tested it yet. I don't know. Just as you Jon...

"You Know Nothing, Jon Snow"



mak 278


Marco Martell 29

Congrats, especially for beating builders! I wonder what was your most complicated match? Was any of the matches close? Or it was like it looks with this 9-0 insane record?

mariusmessenger 90

@Marco MartellI didn't plan to make a tournament report, but my writing got a little bit longer. So here is some sort of a report:

I would say there was only one very close game against Lukas (Lanni Xing) in the quarterfinals: I made a huge stupid mistake in withering cold-turn 1. But later the catapults saved my life and my hj, which canceled his closing superior claim and i was able to close in the same turn. You can discuss if he shouldn't have played sorrows against a Jontron Qohor deck (with obviously catapults) but I think I misplayed more and i don't feel like deserving this win. @Lukas to be honest: this game should have been yours! I really felt sorry.

Most of the games were pretty one-sided. With luck being a big factor. I think i had jon t1 in 6 out of 9 games and some other luck based factors. Some examples:

Final & Round 3 (Tamas NW VS): perfect intrigue pulls with lay waste in the final and craven in our first game. I think these wouldn't have stopped me but in the final having Jon t1 when Tamas opened forgotten plans was game winning.

Semifinals (Alex NW FC): He could not find molestown even with a mulligan, 2x exchange of information and 2 aged craftsman triggers.

Round 2 (Hanno Tyrell Alliance): I had a duped Jon, which made his when i woke useless.

Round 5 (Marek Targ Conclave): During the game this one seemed pretty tough for me, but in the end i saved my hj from early on and didn't even need it.

And exactly this is the point of the deck. If your opponent doesn't get counters early, Jon overruns everything. And if the opponent does, it comes down, if you have the answers ready. And this worked in every game. Keep in mind to guess possible counters and then search and protect your answers.

mariusmessenger 90

@makThank you!