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Marco Martell 60

This is the deck I used in Polish Grand 2020 that took place on 20th February 2021 in fact.

This is the first deck that gave me Pavilion Points as I am not very experienced player and moreover used rather honest challenge focused decks usually, as this kind of decks give me most fun.

My tourney stats here:

Results in the tourney: 6-3 I lost only to very experienced and skilled players and moreover loyalists of their favorite factions (Marius, Nerius, Tamas). I believe they didn't make a single error in these games, while I did, only learning to use burn deck in fact.

Summary of battles:

  • 1 - unexperienced Lannister Crossing got bad setup with Cersei Marched (I hate this plot tbh), badly burnt in 2 first rounds conceded instead of suffer longer.
  • 2 - Targaryen Aloof also seemed pretty good matchup, burn and resets were too much, I think Drogo was Marched first round, don't remember well though
  • 3 - Martell Wars of bookerman/kantzsot who is great Martell player, this game was very close and entertaining one despite initially looking like I had big advantage (burnt/killed big Arianne, Doran, Myrcella), Red Viper and Doran's Game collected points and made Martell take the lead even I think, I feared The Prince's Plan or Doran's Game in the last round again (as I had no Hand's Judgment) but fortunately he didn't have it. I got 2 or 3 points from Prized on Desert Raiders on this round of Blood of the Dragon. Last one was pretty lucky as raider came to secure domination while I had 1 gold. I played Fire and Blood from Conclave and revived Viserys who has been marshalled only to have a unique Targaryen character in this round marsahling round. :) The man finally had some use for his sister that reaceted on the event happily.
  • 4 - Night's Watch Crossing was burning quite easily since the beginning, yet not giving up until last points. I think there was Valar Morghulis as last chance try but it wasn't very impactful as advantage was too big already. Not sure what plot of mine was played then, maybe Dohaeris or Marched (I sometimes use those as save plots as initiative in burn usually matters and therefore Outwit is pretty bad)
  • 5 - Night's Watch Alliance tourney winning deck with Craster in Setup and early Jon Snow (MoD) from Prince plot maybe, as I saw no copy of Incinerate I couldn't really do much against Voltron, Viserys eliminated one Bodyguard, but other one came soon. Craster and Aemon made my both Omen resets more harmful to me. To be honest I didn't predict Voltron decks to be strong these days with new plot against them. By the final result, so did other players.
  • 6 - Targaryen Sea of Blood of Nerius didn't let me rivalize really, doing better the thing I did and not commiting any errors was probably crucial. I am not sure if I could win even if I picked the cards I want to play from all 60. I was hopeless from the beginning as Nerius always wins. :P


  • 1/8 - Martell Brotherhood that I have beaten in friendly game with GJ Conclave I think - I was optimistic and it wasn't very long game I think, I don't remember details unfortunately.
  • 1/4 - Stark Crossing didn't see the proper counters and got fully burn in 3 rounds which made Atanas Keranov concede at score 9-6 for me, no cards in hand and lonely Osha on the table vs. Dany, Viserion, Rhaegal, Marwyn and Shadowblack Assassin. Dracarys! and Consuming Flames were in my hand. Dracarys! in Conclave also. A Dragon Is No Slave killed Catelyn Stark.
  • 1/2 - Night's Watch Valyrian Steel - so basically the deck type I call "builders" as it consists on building the Wall and defending it. And this I could call my nemesis in this card game. Passive power techniques (Benjen got 4 power and appeared for the 3rd time on the table) are good burn counter and both mechaniques are pretty annoying for opponents. Nothing Burns Like The Cold hit The Wall on setup but he put it in round 1st again. Burn events, claims and Valar killed 9 characters but it wasn't enough unfortunately. I missed economy locations (seen 2/11), draw and Marwyn (2 copies were in Conclave but I focused on taking events with Haldon, not sure what was better) and also I have wasted one card in first round when I didn't realize that I had duplicate of Viserion in my big hand. Then I had to discard 3 instead of just 2. Jade Sea Dromond in 1st round probably helped to avoid locations spam. Later I discarded The Haunted Forest with it buut it was too late. There was a mistake to not oppose one challenge, when I had dominance secured with gold; and also should have killed Viserys with Shadowblack Assassin and discard military icon attachment from Craster after starting military challenge with Drogon. If I see well now, it would have led to unopposedx2, Halder killed with claim due to likely Ambush with Water Dancer Sword to save Craster. Maybe that would save me as Craster would have been Marched to the Wall. Not sure though, as later Morghulis killed Drogon and Dany together. On last round I draw economy cards.

Great Hall (R) is a card that shouldn't be here. Only Drogon can have cost reduced by 2. SO Illyrio's Estate or even Ocean Road would be better options. Or just reducing. Another card that I am not sure I have ever used is Jhogo (TS), potentially good after some kills but most games are decided before he can become useful. Maybe a slot for Stormcrows that can interact with burn and Haldon nicely. Nefarious Acolyte is mostly for At the Palace of Sorrows (R) Crone of Vaes Dothrak is fun card that can sometimes get bonus kill on Challenges or Taxation phase. It can be replaced probably though, like Targaryen Loyalists, too.

Results in (very limited) testing


  • 2-0 Aloof (strange battle with him looking like shadow/ambush because of bad setup, won in plot 7), Kraken (conceded at 1-3 after losing 9th character)


  • 2-0 Aloof (strange battle won in plot 6, Outwit saved him from Wildfire but Dohaeris hit next round for 2 Prized and more leaving, I didn't kill anything til Blood of Dragon in 5th round), Watch (early concede after Jon & Drumm burned)


  • 0-0


  • 0-1 Companies (7-15 because my 4 plots hurt me more than him and 2 other were countered)

Night Watch

  • 0-0


  • 1-0 VS (disconnected at 5-3 for me with field advantage and upcoming VD, Wildfire & Marched)


  • 0-0


  • 0-1 Prince Brienne (Voltron with many STR boosts)

Marco Martell 60

I guess I wrote too much... I appreciate any suggestions to make this deck better. I have already get rid of Great Hall and added one more copy of Shadowblack Assassin. Few military icons may be complicated in military focused decks.

Agenda is great to save hand. Marwyn and Daenerys make biggest difference in this deck.

Stormborn 301

I like you deck very much because of the non-standard choices like Jade Sea Dromond and the Crone of Vaes Dothrak. Congratulations!

I would drop one of the resets for a draw or gold plot (keep VM) and remove all the one STR characters.

Marco Martell 60

Cool points, 1 gold guys may go out, Valar Dohaeris is quite cool save from Valar Morghulis and counter against big and fast.

Draw plot - Counting Coppers seems the only good choice. Siege preparation has bad initiative that would lose to every plot. You win or you die has no reserve. Exchange is source of some bad cards usually... Good for those with more attachments or locations that aren't bad in some matchups (Jade Sea Dromond vs. fast decks with just eco locations)

Neoptolemos 645

Definitely Counting Coppers is way better here than Exchange. You have almost no attachments and one of the burn strengths now is the thing that you opponent have to expect both Dracarys, Dragon is no Slave and Incinerate. Losing surprise factor would be tough.

As for 1STR guys, I already told you - imho Loyalists are useless here unless you REALLY need claimsoaks ;)

kawson 85

For me attachment removing event is missing here. As A Martell loyalist I know maesters suffers from Venomous Blade and event would make it less harmful + could help against Voltrons. Have you also considered Shadowblack Lane?