Blue Winter - Winner Friendly Open S02e01

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Arutho 13

As promised, here is the deck I won the Friendly Open S02e01 with, to my great surprise.


lelel555 1

Not sure why Drowned Disciple is here instead of Priest of the Dronwned God. Aeron in one copy is not that rock-solid synergy with DD, and Priest has same str, but 2 icons.

Arutho 13

Oh, my bad. It is obviously not the Drowned Disciple that should be here, but the Drowned God Fanatic. For Aeron, I like the character in kinder, always great when you have Asha, Balon or Euron in your dead pile (happen a lot, all my Risen are discarded in intrigue claim and Duel or Valar M are often play) and Aeron in play.