The Roses of Dorne Friendly Open s02e02

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Bookerman 10

Voltron Doran Martell or The Red Viper or both with the support of Mellario of Norvos and Tyrell.

It is an interesting deck. I had a lot of fun with it in the Friendly Open s02e02 tournament.

Mellario of Norvos is the one that supports this deck. With her inside, Doran Martell is immune to opponent plot's effect. So, immune to valar? Yes. Immune to At the Palace of Sorrows? Yes. Immune even to The Pointy End?? Yup! He can become a beast. But even without the attachment, his ability is pure gold!

But alone they can not do much. Therefore they are trading with Tyrell. Blessed by the Maiden keeps our characters safe from Milk of the Poppy, Craven and Strangler. When the danger has passed, they can leave to give their position to other attachments. Oathkeeper helps to bring the important characters. Win a challenge by 5 and get Doran Martell, Mellario of Norvos or The Red Viper to your hand. The other attachments are for control and power gain.

As for the characters and the locations, I don't have to say anything new. Knight of Summer for power, Left-Right combo, (Arianne Martell or Obara Sand ) - ( Areo Hotah or to sneak inside a just retrieved Mellario of Norvos).

The greatest advantage of this deck is that when the board has been set, resets don't affect them a lot. For example we have Mellario of Norvos, Doran Martell and The Red Viper inside. Against Valar Morghulis, Bodyguard and Dupes can save them (Doran Martell immune). Against Valar Dohaeris, we can choose Mellario of Norvos and The Red Viper (Doran Martell immune).

For restricted card At the Gates because the deck needs economy. Summer plots to work with Knight of Summer and Sand Steed. Valar Dohaeris is the reset of the deck, because I find it difficult to contain the big guys from Tyrell and Greyjoy. Well, it hits the combo Mellario of Norvos-Doran Martell (11 cost), but as a great man had said, sometimes you have to lose a battle to win the war!

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Zinnie 18

Looks cool, and nice write up!!!