City of Free Folks

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Zinnie 18

Friendly Open Break

Tournament rules:

  1. Every player must build 4 different decks.
  2. Agendas and Factions must be different for each deck, and each deck is only allowed to be used for one match!
  3. It's not allowed to use Banner of a faction you've played
  4. If your deck win - you have to publish it at :)
  5. Faction/Agenda are filled in at JP after each round has been played, so leave Faction/Agenda open for now:)

In this tournament, you had to publish your deck if it won a match. And here it is. This won against Baratheon Knights of the Hollow Hill. This deck is a Neo build, which I've put some cards that I like in :)

I think Neo has found something with Free Folks and City plots which makes this a viable deck. You don't have to go for instant mill win anymore (yeah, I know, brain dead deck and all), and power claim is always a possibility to keep power heavy decks at bay with 3 claims. Try it out.

Have not tested Faceless Man yet. He is in there for his ambush, but he will not trigger the agenda, so watch out if using him!


Neoptolemos 643

Great :D In my version there is no Sneak Attack though (I have First Snow) and both Vanquish/Marched are options to consider. I also don't like King Beyond the Wall (for me it's most often blank or "not saving my ass" card). And as far as I understand cutting Lysa Arryn, I think that at least 1x Craster is a very good anti-Valar tech (his action!).

Also, no Mance Rayder :o but I guess he was cut off together with FSoW ;)

Thanks for a great tournament!

Zinnie 18

Mance Rayder was cut together with The First Snow of Winter indeed :) He might come back into my deck, because I'm eager to see what he can do. But main issue for me is that he is a 7 cost, and can't be used as setup (Marched to the Wall). I choose tho have only one 7 cost, and yes, they can be switched around, but I feel Jon Snow (WotN) stealth is game winning. I do agree on King Beyond the Wall! Maybe I'm to aggressive, but I seem to be even or slightly ahead in power, rendering this card useless :D. So test it out guys, cut it for another Water Dancer's Sword or it's better half Weirwood Bow. Craster is one of my favorite cards in the whole cardpool. So it's never easy for me to cut him ;P But 5 cost for one icon, without attachment support (would want Syrio's Training atleast), so for me, more attachment has to be added for him to be a card worth playing! I think theres some interesting attachments though, so maaaaaybe test it myself :)