Princess Delena Florent

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Marco Martell 29

This is the deck that I created for max. 3 cost Prince that was Promised format in German Series. But I didn't have time to participate then, so I only practised against normal decks. As it was quite successful (beside one game that I conceded after seeing "Gulltown + Naval Superiority" combo and one loss against normal Prince Robert Baratheon (LMHR)), I used it in the 2nd round of Zinnie's special friendly, and I somehow won against Bara Rose (played by Makak) after 8 rounds on time (ACoK, Bastard of the Nightsong, my own Edric Storm and my own Iron Throne were some of the most important cards). Actually I chose my Robert Baratheon as Prince here, expecting Delena Florent to be an important piece of rival's deck. He didn't collect any single power though.

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