The North Remembers

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Not on Greywater Watch - German Nats 2022 winner 13 6 5 1.0

Neoptolemos 713

This deck was used in Friendly Open Season Break Tournament ( - we had to use 4 different decks in 4 rounds) and won against Tyrell HRD Bitterbridge.

I rarely play Starks, but wanted to try Rickard Karstark - and oh boy, he is bonkers good. Didn't draw him during tournament game, but this matchup was really easy for me - I've played in setup some eco, Catelyn Stark (Core) and Last Hearth and soon added Robb Stark (Core), Dacey Mormont, Winterfell and so on; With Winter Is Coming I've destroyed Zinnie's hand and he wasn't able to use Bitterbridge for 3 consecutive rounds (in 5th round it was too late). Also Karhold made this game very comfortable for me. I think though that probably with Rickard Karstark it would be even more painful.

I've played just a several games with it before the tournament, but I was considering these cards:

As I'm not devoted Stark loyalist, I would be happy to see any suggestions, how to improve it. But Rickard Karstark is A-MA-ZING!

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Zinnie 23

Can't remember being denied this hard in any game. Ofcourse, this deck is a anti summer deck (which Lord Renlys Host really showed this game), but still, seems like an alround solid deck! Also, Karhold - Strong card! Thanks for attending mate. See you at the next one :)