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Neoptolemos 626

This deck was used in Friendly Open Season Break Tournament ( - we had to use 4 different decks in 4 rounds) and lost against Lannister Conclave.

One of the most funny decks that I've played for a looong time; I'm sad that it quickly lost to Makak's Lannisters, because in playtesting it brought me a lot of fun and proved to be quite solid build. As I don't play Targaryens too much (I hate burn, used to love Dothraki - but long before Targaryen box and I got bored with them later), I'm really amazed how easily they cheat characters for no gold into the game. I still think that this deck needs more discard to feed Tyrion Lannister (JS) and Flea Bottom (R), but it's hard to find place for more copies of Hizdahr zo Loraq (R), Meereen (R) and Plaza of Pride.


  • Tyrion Lannister (JS) got Dragon Skull. Vargo Hoat transferred a gold on him to receive stealth, renown and intimidate. Tyrion brought free Daario Naharis. Mercenary Contract on my opponent's Renly/Robb/Euron... C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!
  • Reznak mo Reznak: I actually played him in 2 games. In 1 of them he put freshly discarded Ser Jorah Mormont (Core) just to bait Valar, but in the other he put fully bestowed Begging Brother during The First Snow of Winter. Go for Reznak, he has amazing potential both here and in NW/Dragon decks
  • The Titan's Bastard, although not crucial, made his point in 1 game when I've brought him with either Tyrion or FB just to take Daario to my hand and be able to play him next turn. I don't remember the whole situation, but it was definitely important moment of this game
  • Shadow of the East is just too good. Enough said
  • Unbridled Generosity and Free Companies are seriously abused here
  • While I'm not a huge fan of Close Call (I tend to play 1x of many characters and save my crucial uniques with other methods), it's great here. This deck often baits early Valar and not always I want to counter it with my Valar Dohaeris; summer trait is very important; and sometimes it may also bring just a small body for Flea Bottom (R)

What have I tried and cut: Slaver's Bay Port - just 1 gold in most games (or 2 when the game was almost already won), changed them for Dragon Gates, but as for now just for gold (didn't have an occasion to draw 2 cards yet). I really want to have 3rd Vargo Hoat here, but without The Iron Bank (R) he is quite expensive - although STARTING with him gives an amazing eco boost (and opens possibilites for a lot of shenanigans). Also used to have more Meereenese Markets, but cut 1 for a second copy of The Iron Bank (R) and probably should change for 1 Market and 3x Bank.

Anyway, it's VERY fun to play, quite fresh and really fully overusing bestow mechanic deck. Try it and enjoy - probably with the new pack it will only get better!

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Diomedes 3099

Glad you enjoy it. The bestow tricks are really fun indeed. It will probably be more competitive with Hear My Words, you can go full Mercenary then :)