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uBaH 98

Here is the deck I ran this weekend for Sunday Friendly Open.

The main idea was to never win a challenge but if someone watches the VOD he will see I won a few, but it was necessary evil. I know I failed on that front.

The main part of the combo is playing The Prince's Plan on opponents character so they get over the by 5 threshold so you can trigger the star of the deck Hellholt and other lose mechanics(Dorne (R), The Boneway) and in the same time you will get the event back, WINK, WINK.
The character base is really small and the only Key but not mandatory is Ricasso as he combos really well with In Doran's Name & Secret Schemes. There several time where I dropped Ricasso with 2 bestow and immediately into In Doran's Name for Huge econ boost. This is also why we play At the Gates & Gulltown for that +1 plot in used pile.

A major upgrade to the deck was House Manwoody Guard & Noble Lineage. These guys managed to stop challenges all together or just oppose and still lose by 5. UO power is really scary for the deck.

Plot deck is not much to add there honestly. I want to add Fortified Position but I'm not sure what to add there and Your King Commands It & Uneasy Truce help with slowing down the opponent big time, but there are still themes that will just outright beat us.

On the day I faced 3x "The Rains of Castamere" which was weird and Drowned gods that managed to defeat me in the end (this is one of the matchups that the current deck can't handle).

After the day I want to add 3x Milk of the Poppy & 3x The Hand's Judgment but still didn't think what will that cost me.

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