R'hllor Brotherhood, 5th Place on Friendly Open s03e01

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Lord_Steffon 10

This deck is based around your characters being non-loyal or neutral and R'hllor (some of them aren't R'hllor, but those have other utility). Anguy the Archer is reallz good with the Agenda, because he can often wir 2 or 3 challenges per round. The Hollow Hill is the main draw engine of this deck. Many times I got empty handed and this location allowed me to get to important characters. Ghost of High Heart is good for 2 reasons. First is the strenght increase and second is card selection of what opponent has availible. Non-R'hllor characters in this deck are: Old Bill Bone (kneeling opponents faction card can be really important), Shireen Baratheon (Core) (good claim fodder) and Gulltown City Guard (just a big and later pretty cheap character).

Plots are based around city trait, except for Valar Dohaeris (beacuse it is best reset availible for this deck) and Parley at Storm's End (which is generally usefull plot).

My matches in tournament were (https://thejoustingpavilion.com/tournaments/7848):

1st round Johan Törngren (Martell Rains) LOSS. My opponent was able to have his giant Host of the Boneway unchecked by using Milk of the Poppy on my Mel. It was a really close game and in the end I was beaten by huge Host and Doran's Game (R).

2nd round Leo Midtdal-Larsen (Free Folk) WIN. In turn I was also able to get rid off opponents characters in hand. In turn 2 I played Parley, which probably won me the game. I was able to deploy more and more characters and to outnumber his wildlings. Turn 4 my opponents played Valar Morghulis wiping most of the board. He hadn't drawn the whole game into any econ and I was able to rebuild pretty quickly, so my opponents conceded.

3rd round Magnus Sandelin-Nyhagen (Lannister Rains) WIN. My opponent mulliganed into really poor set up, he only got Tywin Lannister (Core). I had Mel to keep his Tywin in check and I was able to establish big board pretty quickly. With Mel and intimidate I was able to kneel most of his big characters. Later in the game my opponent was able to trigger wildfire assault from Rains and he was left with Tywin, Cersei Lannister (LoCR) and Tyrion Lannister (Core). I had Mel, Anguy and Ghost. Next plot phase I played Valar Dohaeris and that won me the game.

4th round Miha Vrbanec (Lannister Rains) WIN. I met Clansmen variant with Lionstar and Harrenhal (FFH). I went all in on Anguy (in turn 1 I found his dupe with Hollow Hill and I drew second the following turn). With his renown he was getting me 2 or 3 power per round. I attached Azor Ahai Reborn and 2 Red God's Blessing on him and with his 2 dupes he was able to survive First Snow of Winter and Valar Morghulis and get me to victoy.

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Zinnie 23

Good deck, good player! You had me from the get go in our match, never got any momentum. Nice write up! See you at the next one :)