Vintage Builders at the Friendly Open s3e2

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Night's Watch Kings of Summer - For FO By Marcel Arias 5 4 0 1.0

Derry 83

Some good ol' builders here, a bit nerfed after the new RL but still able to give some good fights! Resilient deck in general, its worse matchups probably being against jumpy or very reset-heavy decks.

Winning conditions: Wall, Lord Commander

Key cards: Lay Waste (to discard opponent's attachments on Wall), Castle Black Mason (to look for needed cards at any moment)

Juicy interactions: Owen+Othell or Practice Blade, Lay waste on self to search for cravens/milks, Craster when ATPOS is revealed

Hope you enjoy it!

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Zinnie 18

Thanks for this lay waste on self tip :)