The Azor boys are back in town

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robrobrobwright 5

The dream team of Robert Baratheon (Core) and Eddard Stark (WotN) that took the Iron Throne is back. This deck is my first published one as it seems to perform consistently. Comments welcomed.

Main aim is to get Azor Ahai Reborn on a well protected Eddard Stark (WotN), Robert Baratheon (Core) or Greatjon Umber, who can all be found via Heir to the Iron Throne and the lords and ladies package. Depending on who is Azor, the deck can either be really fast (Eddie) or controlling with the Intimidate from Greatjon or Robert.

The deck has answers to many common problems my opponent may throw at me. However, I think the plots would benefit from some tweaking. In particular, I am considering a second Building Orders in case I can’t find Azor, perhaps some more draw or a 2 claim plot. Any thoughts?

Please note I don’t have all the cards, I have Core x3, the Premium packs and the first cycle but not the rest, in particular no Valar Morghulis. I think the other Robert Baratheon (LMHR) would work better for speed. But I welcome suggestions for new cards that I don’t have anyway or cards that will cause me problems from other packs - thanks!

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