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robrobrobwright 4

I built this deck to exploit the interaction between The First Snow of Winter and Robert Baratheon (FotS).

It’s a big slow to start with, opening with Parley at Storm's End, building up to typically 3x 4-cost characters on the board. Then use The Prince that was Promised (and/or The Prince Who Came Too Late if required) for Robert Baratheon (FotS) to stop characters with greater than 4 cost from standing and follow this up with The First Snow of Winter. The aim is to go from a weak board/power position to an insurmountable one with then power challenges, standing Robert, etc.

Comments welcome. It suffered a bit when facing stand tech and is perhaps a bit predictable but not easily stopped.

Please note that I have only got some of the cards: Core x3, the premium packs and the first cycle but welcome suggestions anyway as it how it could be improved including cards I don’t have that would help or trip it up - thanks!

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