Opening the Door to Mel’s Starry Sept

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robrobrobwright 5

This deck uses The Starry Sept as the The House With the Red Door location, exploiting the combos with Salladhor Saan (FotS) to get 3 gold for every smuggler and Melisandre (FotS) to pick off characters with power. It was great fun to play and I liked the fact it wasn’t traditional Bara kneel or dominance. It also uses The First Snow of Winter to get reuse out of smugglers (actually generating gold) and Vanguard Lancer to not only remove power twice but get draw from it as well through Alester Florent. The main issues with the deck are that it’s slow to start (I prefer Calm Over Westeros to Parley at Storm's End because that extra gold means I can get Salladhor down if in hand) and a bit over-reliant on key characters. Suggestions for improvement welcomed!

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