Riverlands-Reach Alliance

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maester.qyburn 8

Started collecting only earlier this year and have been playing a lot with a friend, so the deck is untested in tournament contexts and has mostly played against Nights Watch/Greyjoy decks. It manages to accumulate power fairly quickly via renown characters/Tully shenanigans and there are a lot of fun combos that can happen. Brienne of Tarth having the 'Lady' keyword is phenomenal - giving her stealth with Silver Hair Net or upping her strength with Sansa's Maid can be incredibly effective. Having only gotten into the game recently, however, there are a few cards from the earlier sets that I just don't have access to - so things like 'Mare in Heat' or Horror/Slobber which could work quite well don't make an appearance here.

Anyway, as I play for fun rather than in tournaments, I'm pretty happy with this deck.


Buster_NL 1

nice build! and welcome!

maester.qyburn 8