New deck: House Targaryen (clone)

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Davos Payne 1

House Targaryen Aloof and Apart Draw deck: 60 cards Plot deck: 7 cards Packs: Core Set (2), No Middle Ground, Calm over Westeros, True Steel, Wolves of the North, Called to Arms, There Is My Claim, Lions of Casterly Rock, Watchers on the Wall, Journey to Oldtown, Someone Always Tells, House of Thorns, Sands of Dorne, The Shadow City, Kings of the Isles, At the Gates, Pit of Snakes, Long May He Reign, Fury of the Storm, The Things We Do For Love, Forgotten Heroes, Jade Sea, Hear My Words Plot (7) 1x At the Gates [J] 1x City Festival 1x City of Wealth 1x Close Call 1x Confiscation 1x Wildfire Assault 1x Winter Festival Character (33) 3x Aegon Targaryen 3x Bronze Yohn Royce 3x Crow Killers 3x Gulltown City Guard 1x Haldon Halfmaester 2x Jon Connington 3x Lyn Corbray (FotS) 1x Mya Stone 1x Rattleshirt's Raiders 3x Rogue Wildling 1x Septa Lemore 2x Val 3x Wildling Bandit 2x Wildling Scout 2x Young Spearwife Attachment (8) 1x Lady Forlorn 2x Milk of the Poppy 2x Noble Lineage 2x Strangler 1x Sweetsleep Location (15) 2x Gates of the Moon 1x Gulltown 1x Isle of Ravens 2x Ocean Road 1x The Eyrie 2x The Hollow Hill 2x The Iron Throne (Core) 2x The Kingsroad 2x The Roseroad Event (4) 2x As High as Honor 2x Superior Claim [M]

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