Martell Wars - back in town (Winner King at the Wall-Event)

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lennart-ip 460

Hi Folks,

Hanno has asked me to share the list, which I played last Saturday on the King at the Wall event in Berlin. I have written a hole tournament report over the last 90 Minutes with deck choices and so one. I tried to save it, but forgot that I need to copy the text before saving, because of the log in errors :/ So if you have any questions feel free to ask, but at this Point I will not go through the different Matches

I want to thank the organisators! It was a real blast (like from the past) to participate in a tournament in person and seeing to all the missed persons and Hanno again. The Deck

Nothing too special here I guess. Always open up Behest into at the gates into gulltown and from there on its very situational. The key to winning with this deck is to predict the opponents plots right and react to them. Don't hold on for annals for too long if you have secret schemes in the discard pile. In Doran's Name in the taxation phase turned out to be very useful to prepare a plot cancel or even a annals Turn in which you can trigger it again in the following Taxation phase.

Jousting Pavillion Link:

I was happy to face Hanno again in a tournament after a long time. He should definetly have won our game, but misscalculated in the hand ... undeserved wins are the sweetest thing to taste.

It was so good to finally feel cards in my hands again updating Jousting Pavillion after the pairings and talking in the car about which 61th card to cut from the deck. So much good memories came up and I hope can see us more often on life tournaments in the next time.


Derry 83

Congratulations! I'm never brave enough to try annals in my wtc lists, but with dorans name and to the spears it looks really valuable. Did you miss the pointy end in any of your games?

Diomedes 3124

Congrats Lennart! It was great to have you guys back :)

The loss was definitely on me because of my giant miscalculation in the last round. I guess my Ghost of High Heart making you draw Doran's Game (R) for 5 power the round before unsettled me too much :P

lennart-ip 460

@Diomedes drawing Doran's Game in the right moment is an important skill :D

@Derry thx :) you should definetly give annals a try. Especially with in Doran's Name and Secret schemes combined with watergardens, the action window in taxation and Plot Cancel. I didn't miss the pointy and at all. I think Duel, Dohaeris, Fortified and Forced March combined with Cletus and intimidate is enough to play around big towers and its also very slow in my opinion. Normally there would never really be the time to play it and it is in my opinion a 'loose slower' card instead of turning the game around. Also this deck can be very fast as well.