The Young Wolf

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Albin 1

"The North seeks revenge, the one they call the young wolf has rallied the great houses to his cause and now leads a formidable host to the South. Just and fearsome, he crushes his foes, disperse his enemies and plant fear in the heart of the unholy. Strange tales have travel with words of his victories. It is told that he rides a gigantic Direwolf in battle, that he brings the old powers of the north with him, that the air freezes where he goes and wolves come out of the forests to hunt on human flesh. Winter is coming and there is no stopping it."

In some quite classic Stark fashion, the general strategy of this deck is to quickly win challenges and gain control of the board while accumulating renowns. There are a few stealths to help win those challenges (Arya Stark (Core), Meera Reed (R), Wolves of the North) and plenty renowns and intimidates to reward them (Robb Stark (AtSK), Dacey Mormont, Smalljon Umber, Greatjon Umber, Grey Wind (Core), Ser Jason Mallister, Greatjon's Vanguard). While the Umbers provide a good early game power, the accumulation of wolves, Dacey Mormont and Robb Stark (AtSK) ensure a strong mid-end game. Once a couple or mores wolves are in play, there are a couple of fun event (At Night They Howl, Like Warm Rain, Taste For Flesh) to surprise your opponent with and win more powers.

Marching Orders is primarily used to marshal King Robb's Host, allowing for a full potential utilization of the host. Forced March (R) is quite brutal in this configuration and gives you a lot of initiative, which is needed at some crucial point (usually second round). I usually use A Time For Wolves to either summon Summer (Core) and get an good support back (Umber Loyalist, Jeyne Westerling, Maester Luwin, etc) or get Shaggydog (MoD) when I am ahead. The rest is pretty straightforward, prioritizing initiative over gold.

The deck has some notable weaknesses however. It is naturally weak to intrigue and suffers in the late game with no good way to draw cards. Because it works better in brute strength with challenges, it suffers against drown gods decks, or some which can afford to loose challenges. Finally, it is extremely vulnerable to board resets. I find myself having a good early game advantage to see it brutally destroyed, with difficulties to recover.

This is the first deck I publish and although I find it fun to play, it can still be improved a lot. Please leave some comments/ideas!

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