In the shadow of R'hllor (Kraków reunion) - Valyrian format

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Neoptolemos 632

Hello again!

Despite the fact that Polish meta have already almost vanished (that's why we had only 5 players during BotN - no more people eager to play), last week our friend from Cracow decided to organise a small AGoT reunion in his board games pub. I had an opportunity to be there and the reality exceeded all expectations - 12 people has shown up, including both veterans and newcomers! There were enough of us to actually play a small tournament and I've managed to win. Fun fact - it's my first tournament won IRL since I'm playing; I guess I had to wait until game almost dies to do that :D

What is important, as most of players didn't play since the redesigns entered the game, we accepted to play Valyrian format. I didn't play it for a long time and building a viable deck was interesting experience, since I'm using new cards in all my other decks. Quite a refreshing experience and also a good reminder, how busted cardes used to be in the game.

I think that deck is self-explanatory. Similarly to my Kingdom of R'hllor redesigned format deck, it attempts to control both the board and opponent's hand. R'hllor theme allows to look into an opponent's hand pretty often and with Melisandre (Core) gives a lot of kneeling; on the other hand shadow cards triggering The Black Cells gives antoher piece of board control. I've put some cheeky 1-ofs such as The Bastard of Driftmark (mostly because I wanted at least 2 targets for Delena Florent) or Blackwater Rush and suprisingly enough they have all appeared and worked quite well. Also after several months playing with only redesigns I've just recalled, how powerful the original Red Keep (DotE) was. On the other hand, this deck needs a lot of gold and without post-FFG cards it needs less efficient non-City eco plotline (Loan from the Iron Bank, Late Summer Feast); Trade Routes (R) are blocked because of The Red Keep (DotE). All my games ( The Lord of the Crossing, Kings of Winter, "The Rains of Castamere" and Assault from the Shadows) were quite tough, but very interesting. Highlights included kneeling The High Sparrow with Filthy Accusations and killing him with Ser Robert Strong (though he already blocked my draw on Siege Preparations, which was really painful), The Red Keep (DotE)s duel with a couple of triggers passed and reusing both Keep and The Black Cells with The Bastard of Driftmark. I had the hardest game though with Kawson's Martell shadows deck; I won on time after ~9 plots, but after his 3rd The First Snow of Winter (courtesy of Ser Gerris Drinkwater) I may have eventually lose, though.

All in all, I like this kind of deck; it's not tier 1, but interesting and giving a lot of fun if you like playing control. Also it was an amazing experience to play the game once again with the real cards. Big thanks for Wiewiór and all other attending players.


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