critical strike

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medarusREX 1

The basic idea is to use The Red Viper (Core) and Doran's Game (R) to get a load of points in late rounds.

Isle of Ravens and Shadowblack Lane ought to be used to return events to your hand from your discard pile (especially important for Doran's Game (R)).

Attainted and Imprisoned make it easier to win a specific challenge by a lot of points (Attainted is more important as it also enables Doran's Game (R)).

general playstyle:


  • Doran Martell (Core) is a must have character, if you lose him, you will have a hard time winning
  • if you don't win before the end of round 7, you probably won't win at all
  • you have to be stronger in intrigue than your opponent throughout the whole game or you risk having pivotal cards discarded from your hand.
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