Fools of Westeros (3-0) & Fools at the Wall III (5-2)

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Fools Hate the Snow - 8RoW House Greyjoy 7 6 3 1.0

Diomedes 3190

This is the Fool deck I've been playing in tournaments lately. I lost to our former World Champ Lennart's Martell Wars in the semifinals of King at the Wall III (due to a horrible miscounting on my part). During the the Summer Champions of Westeros League the fools won me 3 matches, including the final. You can watch the final here:

After meeting an opponent playing A Mummer's Farce based on Support of Harlaw, I had to try it out. And it works incredibly well.

The main reason to play Fools is the card draw, their main weakness is that they are very slow. You need some ways to accrue power quickly. Shagwell gaining and spreading renown among fools with Unbridled Generosity is a nice way to do this. But how to reliably give Shagwell renown? decks tried to achieve this with A Tourney for the King and Knighted or Ser Garlan Tyrell (OR). can give the fools renown via Fickle Bannerman.

But I found with Support of Harlaw to be the most effective. Saltcliffe Sailor is another cheap tool to move gold onto your fools, and you gain another useful keyword in the process. Stealth even helps your gameplan with unopposed power. It's a common sight with this deck that you have a board of 7+ characters with stealth. This makes it easy to trigger Great Kraken, Rise of the Kraken, or Maiden's Bane (it's also pseudo-draw with the agenda).

This leaves us with the other weakness of A Mummer's Farce: they are extremely vulnerable to any kind of resets, attrition, kill, and recruitment effects. Venomous Blade kills your deck, burn, Recruiter for the Watch.... and any reset except Valar Dohaeris: The First Snow of Winter/Valar Morghulis/The Stranger/Wildfire Assault, Blood of the Dragon...

The Crone is my absolute favourite jank card. Your key characters aren't printed STR 1, but almost all the others are. And it's the only plot that helps against The First Snow of Winter. But be careful, the plot can backfire when you have to fulfil claim, and your fools are the only available characters with printed STR 2+. At the Palace of Sorrows (R) is very efficient with weenies and wins the burn matchup. Outwit is the other life-saver. When you're rushing to victory, you can anticipate resets pretty easily. Maester Kerwin and 3x Healing Expertise round out the maester save package for the fragile fools.

The deck needs some training because of the abundance of moving parts, but it's thematically weird and a lot of fun to play. And yes, you can play the deck in real life. I (and my opponents) enjoyed it a lot during King at the Wall III.

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