Robb of Norway

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None. Self-made deck here.
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"Fealty in disguise" [Winner Norvegian Nats 2022 - Joust] 8 2 1 1.0

argento 634

hello, i share the deck i played last days at Italian national (7-1, runner-up) , and Norwegian one ( 5-1 , top 16). Only difference is political Disaster for Norway, and the Mother in Italy. The deck is very reliable , as always for classic Stark but seven's plotline brings some spice, with nice options and tools. With 18 characters having 1 or less strength ( including Dacey) , i wanted to try The Crone to bypass a reset and it was very interesting, and sometimes a big surprise for opponents. See you all !


Feuerbart 46

Nice and strong showing! I find it fascinating how well it withstands so many trends and developments of the game! Like stark Xing, in its veins runs the blood of the first men!

Zinnie 23

Thank you for sharing! This deck was also Kings of Swiss in Norwegian Nats, so its a really strong deck with a tremendous pilot.

This is for sure a more interesting deck than the one using the imba city-plotline, and shows that you don't HAVE TO use city plotline to be successfull with stark renown :)