Kings of Summer(hall)

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Zrowrequiem 74

This deck has won more than half of its games in playtest (3 entire games!!). Summerhall protecting both Long May He Reign and Kingswood makes it very hard for the opponent to win advantage through power / military.

Thought I would post to get some thoughts on what I could improve here and make more efficient as well as claim ownership of a certain combo.

Games have been very long, but often your opponent either has the tools to get through your power challenge consistently or does not - so far I've found the answer is 'does not' if you get your tools into play.

First two points of consideration: 1) I've been doing a lot of soul searching since at the gates was banned - decided that instead of changing the deck entirely, I should run at 3x and include 3x "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" to help draw into this + Goldengrove or put on bottom of deck when unnecessary. The dupes help against Political Disaster and location-removal heavy decks with which our econ and win condition both struggle.

2) Goldengrove + Great Hall (R) is your main econ - lots of unique characters and quite a few high cost to take advantage of this including both your kings and King Stannis's Host. Mathis allows you to gain 2 extra gold from the process just by having him + Goldengrove + any 1 cost or lower card as an added bonus.

Gameplan is to open exchange, barring the gates, or building orders to mill and get access to key cards quickly - prioritize Goldengrove, Great Hall (R), and The Red Keep (Core) - followed by Kingswood or Long May He Reign based on matchup.

If you've read this far into the description I've saved the ultimate combo for those who are worthy:

Mathis Rowan -> Summerhall -> Gain 2 gold! All the location control I could think of that sees play aside from Nothing Burns Like The Cold and Political Disaster requires you to choose a target controlled by the defending player - well no longer my friends. Your Summerhall are safe on your opponents side of the board. No more kneeling, needing Goldengrove to save, worrying about assault keywords.

Could definitely use a quicker power curve. Let me know if you have thoughts. This deck could easily be better just by taking a different stannis, robert, and replacing the king stannis's host, but unless you have -4 str in to the opponent are you really even winning?

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