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markalfano 25

Always open with Winter Reserves. If nothing else calls to you, play the second one on the next turn. Your econ should be fine either way.

Econ cheats include Captain Groleo (don't forget to ambush and use Gifts for the Widow (R) outside of marshaling phase to further abuse), Missandei (minor, but still nice), Northern Refugee (since almost all plots are winter), Breaker of Chains (plenty of 2-costers), Harma Dogshead, and of course Val. The latter works especially well with Wildling Bandit but she can also bring in other Wildlings and benefit from The Frozen Shore.

Your draw mechanisms are Dalla, Dragon Egg (I prefer to bring in the latter with Gifts for the Widow (R) once I know I have a safe challenge, and Dragon Gate (which isn't too hard to trigger since there are many attachments). Save your The Hand's Judgment to protect Gifts for the Widow (R), which is vulnerable to opponent's own The Hand's Judgment.

Location control is from Scaling the Wall, which also works against The House With the Red Door.

Attachment control is from Sweetsleep, which can be used both defensively and offensively and makes a nice target for Gifts for the Widow (R) while Captain Groleo is in play, and Viserys Targaryen (Core).

You don't have a ton of protection from wipes, so be careful not to overdo it with Val if you don't need another character. The main protection is duplicates, but be sparing with these. You can also use Gifts for the Widow (R) to get Magnar of Thenn. That can protect against targeted kill (e.g., Put to the Sword) and Valar Morghulis. On the other hand, you have two decent wipes of your own The First Snow of Winter and Valar Dohaeris. Given the built-in reserve-destruction of Kings of Winter, False Spring is also pretty nice once the opponent is down to just a handful of cards.

Unlike straight-ahead Wildling decks, this one has lower claim, but you can get higher claim in the mid- and late-game by playing King Beyond the Wall, or searching for it with Gifts for the Widow (R). And of course you can get extra MIL claim with Drogon (R) -- especially nice if you ambush him of course, which should be possible starting turn 2 on almost any plot.

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