Invasion of the Riverlands

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Gman95 1

My reinterpretation of

Basically spam Heads on Spikes with Tyrion's Chain and Battle of the Trident.

Brave Companions can net you three more characters if your lucky.

Jump Lord Tywin's Host and Ser Gregor Clegane (TKP) with Hear Me Roar! for maximum efficiency.

Ser Jacelyn Bywater lets you ignore Gold Cloaks drawback.

Ser Addam Marbrand is wonderful and can be loaded up by all your Gold Cloaks and Red Cloaks and works with Cersei's Informer, Gold Mine, Lionstar, Hear Me Roar!, etc.

Casterly Rock (Core) is good, but really just a placeholder until Casterly Rock (BtB) comes out.

Tyrion Lannister (Core), Ser Jaime Lannister (Core), The Hound (TtB), Treachery are pretty neat. I'll swap out Tyrion's Chain for The Dragon's Tail (AtSK) in melee. I wish some more Clansmen were in here for Nedly purposes. you could probably do something with Chella Daughter of Cheyk and Wildfire Assault like some "The Rains of Castamere" decks do.

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