Bara Rose Qohor Seven Knights (Winner Hands Tourney)

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luke90 131

I finally gonna publish the Winner Deck from last weeks Hands Tourney Online Tournament (

So first of all thanks to Argento for organizing this Event <3

Baratheon Rose Qohor Knights is one of my favourite Decks of all time! I started playing it after Hanno first published it ( and came back to it several times during the state fo the game. For a short period with the city plot line and now with The Seven.

It isnt tested a lot in this iteration, so there is still a lot of potential to refine the Deck (as you can see at the card count with 77 cards :D) or to adapt it even more to the meta.

Summer Harvest and Loan (on top of the 6 gold seven plots) is maybe to much gold for example, so if you find anything more useful, switch it. If you expect more shadow, put into play, challenge action tricks, Supporting the Faith is also perfect for this Deck. The Warrior is mainly for winning initiative and getting 6 gold and the potential 2 claim challenges with Seven Pointed Star are just bonus, so thats also a plot which maybe could be replaced. I'm alwas struggeling without playing a reset but I don't know which one is fitting the deck and it worked without one this time.

But it seems you can also play the Deck like it is, having a lot of fun and being successfull, too :)

The thing I like the most about the Deck is the versatility and that you can do so many things in the challenge phase while attacking. Milk, Traitor, Seized, Smith (and sometimes the intimidate with warhammer) are control elements you can bring in when you need them. And of course, most important, it can be ultra fast :P

Thanks to all my opponents and I hope you enjoy the List!

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