Erik's clowns

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markalfano 25

The core of this deck is the massive interaction between Erik Anvil-Breaker and Shagwell made possible by A Mummer's Farce.

The basic idea is that Erik is by far the cheapest source in the game of a bunch of delicious keywords (intimidate, pillage, renown). As long as you can get a gold onto Erik, Shagwell then distributes all his keywords to all your fools with at least one gold, including himself. The other fools don't have bestow (though Patchface doesn't really need it), so there are a few tricks to get gold onto them, including King's Landing Smuggler, Saltcliffe Sailor, Saltcliffe, Left-Hand Lucas Codd, and Unbridled Generosity.

When it comes to other keywords, a bonus of using the Sailor is that she also gives everyone stealth (Lucas can do this as well). If you put gold on the Highgarden Jester, everyone gets insight as well. The Brave Companions are an alternate source of pillage, Black Walder or "Florian and Jonquil" can be an alternate source of renown in a pinch, and The Horn of Winter is a source of assault.

Because you rely heavily on the text of Erik and Shagwell, it's important to protect them from Milk of the Poppy with Sweetsleep, which can of course also be used to protect other characters such as Ghost of High Heart, Saltcliffe Sailor, etc. (An alternative approach would be to play Ser Dontos Hollard or Thenns for the "no attachments" keyword, but if Shagwell is milked, that won't help).

When it comes to claim, you have a lot of duplicates and a bunch of little guys you don't mind losing. You can even get the non-uniques back with "On a Misty Morn". There's also Hagen's Daughter and one copy each of Iron Mines (R) and Risen from the Sea. The mines are nice if you need to save Shagwell, though obviously they're less powerful and cheap than risen.

I'm less confident in the selection of plots, but the basic idea is to start with The Maiden and then use the initiative bonus to get some intimidation going. The Father seemed like a good call given the proliferation of little unique characters. The Smith also seemed like a good call because the agenda gives you a bunch of attachments. There are four characters with The Seven trait, so you may want to consider replacing The Warrior with a different plot such as You Win Or You Die. The Summons is probably necessary to help dredge up either Erik or Shagwell, but I guess you could take a risk with Time of Plenty or Exchange of Information instead.

One funny thing is that you don't really need Defiance or Seal of the Hand all that much. Even if you never manage to stand Erik, he still distributes his keywords. Of course, he's a good character, so it doesn't hurt to try to stand him. And he can in some cases stand off of Maiden's Bane. Defiance is also nice on other characters, especially Ghost of High Heart.

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