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Derry 126

Hi all! I felt like sharing this deck I played in Round 6 of the 8 Regents Tournament, where I was able to win after a close game vs The Faith Militant. The final product was a result of the great feedback I received from the amazing team. It's designed to win pretty fast while having a decent amount of challenge and location control. I hope you enjoy it if you play it!

Key cards:

  • The Smith: Super useful against control locations. In this case, I decided to go for 2x to have a lot of value against Northern Armory and Winterfell.
  • Harmen Uller for Sand Snake ambushes. Place the Sweetsleep on him if possible!
  • Dorea Sand to bounce opp's chars. This was a particular tech against Stark, who can have very powerful low-cost characters, but can also work against other factions.
  • Sword of the Morning: one of the best Martell cards published lately. In combination with - - The Fowler Twins and To The Spears!, you can easily control a bunch of characters from the opponent, big deal!


  • Not a lot of draw. Unlike most Martell decks, this one relies on a bursty first/second round to ramp up power.
  • Heavy kneel (i.e. Baratheon)
  • High initiative decks (i.e. Greyjoy)
  • Anti-attachment decks (i.e. Targ/Greyjoy)


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