Snakes and Guards

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8 Regents - House Martell 85

Played this deck in the 8 Regents Tournament and won against a Night's Watch Lion deck. Because of the nature of the tournament we had to build and play with most of the current agendas in the game. Thus, I ended up with the Sea of Blood deck going into the Night's Watch matchup.

I decided to try to merge the Sand Snake package along with the Guards package with Nymeria's Guard being the card that tied both of those ideas together. In the deck you have elements of attrition (Dorea Sand, Elia Sand (JS), Tyene Sand (TS), Venomous Blade, Choosing the Spear), renown/power gain (Harmen Uller, The Red Viper (SoD), We Guard the Way), and non-kneeling guards (House Manwoody Guard, Palace Spearman, Nymeria's Guard), along with a few other Martell tricks.

The main win condition here is Doran's Game (R) with renown/power gain being the backup plan. This deck really wants to go second and Ser Cletus Yronwood along with higher initiative plots help ensure this happens in most matchups.

A Sea of Blood deck that leans more heavily into the Sand Snake package is certainly going to be a stronger deck into the broader meta, but I decided to blend the Guard package into this build to counter Barring the Gates which I expected to see going into the Night's Watch matchup.

Secret Schemes has anti-synergy with the agenda, and you could consider To The Spears! as the RL card instead. However, that would then require a draw plot to slot in.

I was pleasantly surprised by this deck and it managed to pick up the win that ensured that Team Martell won the round against Night's Watch.

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