Brienne the Blue

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scantrell24 3295

First draft. I haven't played in a couple years but I got the itch to build with new cards. Feedback much appreciated.

Some other cards I considered:

Dark Wings Dark Words

The Prince That Was Promised

Trading with Qohor

Exchange of Information

The Smith

Return to the Fields

Name Day Tourney

Winter Festival

A Clash of Kings

You Win or You Die

Knight of the Reach

Knight of Summer

Ser Guyard Morrigen

Ser Bryce Caron

Beric Dondarrion

Pinch of Powder

Tourney Lance

Mare in Heat

Horn Hill

The Mander

Relentless Assault

"Lord Renly's Ride"

Growing Strong

Support of the People

Melee at Bitterbridge

Show of Strength

Olenna's Machinations

Might of the Reach

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Req 6

It's good to have your draft lists back Scantrell :)

I tried to build this deck as a Prince Brienne, but wasn't satisfied with the results. Of course the event is amazing if you have her on the board, but probably we need some fat guys as backup in case she doesn't show up. You don't have a restricted, which one would you consider? Bounty is always an option if nothing comes up.