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Greyjoy 1

Can I get some feedback on this deck please? It's for casual play, but still trying to keep it Joust Tournament Legal.


Neoptolemos 780

Regarding characters: consider Esgred as a tricon with a high chance for unopposed challenge. Try to keep at least 31-32 characters (if not Esgred, possibly add single copies of Maester Kerwin/Wex Pyke) and definitely exchange some cards (e.g. Priest of the Drowned God (NMG) or The Reader (TRtW)) for some Raiders to boost Euron Crow's Eye (R) (I would suggest Left-Hand Lucas Codd or Silence's Crew).

I would remove some locations: definitely Golden Storm, maybe Nightflyer or additional copies of Maiden's Bane/Great Kraken - amazing cards, but Nightflyer isn't necessary in Crossing and other ships you may fetch with Support of the People.

If you find any free spot, add at least one We Do Not Sow/Raiding the Bay of Ice and ofc Risen from the Sea. Maybe remove 1 Support of the People?

I would also consider exchanging Marched to the Wall, as you don't push military challenges or other tricks to keep the board small, for Nothing Burns Like The Cold. In this case you may consider removing Red Rain as well. Otherwise maybe use Confiscation or even Weapons at the Door.

Greyjoy 1

I made some modifications based on your feedback. Cheers mate!