Tyrell Lion-WC (Chile) - R: Oldtown / Pod: White Swords

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teamchile 1

I don't like dead cards in hand so I played a 1.0 type of deck where most of the unique chars have onlly 1 copy.

I didn't want to commit too many slots to recurring boros so i went for white sword x2 for the economy (4+6 most of the time) and "draw". I kind of prefer the play from discard with known information.

Because of those decisions, the deck was very flexible to deal with almost anything. I won 2, 1 won by no show (couldn't settle on a time and date), 1 lost by time but would have won if played a bit faster (pretty sure he had somme lag since most of the time lost was on the action pass promts). The ones i won were against stark crossing and stark fealty, both piloted by very good players. The one i lost by time was martel kothh piloted by Bing.

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