Princess Asha - Northampton Store Championship Winner

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Reader 292

A huge thanks to Rebecca for running this event today. It's always worth the 200 mile round trip to be with everyone.... and Richard was there too!

Thanks also to Adam and Kingdom Games in Northampton for hosting.

It's all gone quiet for the best card in the game since her addition to the RL a while back. I thought I'd bring her to the ball... but leave daddy and the nasty Uncles at home. So with only two characters with dupes, I present... the Princess that was Promised - Asha Greyjoy of the Iron Islands

On the day, Asha presented as a shy princess, taking part in only one challenge which she went into alone, won by 1 strength and then immediately died!! However, her devoted friends and followers were up to the challenge. Asha was also the victim of two intrigue challenges and a beginners plot. The threat of a win by 5 power challenge can keep your opponent narrowly occupied, aiding you in some other spicy play.

The deck is certainly not meta defining, but offers something different than those Greyjoy lists currently on Thrones DB and on the World Cup list. Sometimes its fun to pick one card and build your entire deck around it. Thats exactly what this is. A love letter to Asha of the Kingsmoot.

A nod to some cards that don't usually see play or get much of a mention. This deck triggers it's spice with considerable ease, so Helya's passive text can be really effective against attachments. Dragonbinder is the 61st card in the deck, but it's appearance on set up in my first game against Richard's flying rats, saw Mr Walker move away from his decks aggressive strategy, in fears of losing dominance and therefore one of his precious flying rats. This resulted in Drogo falling foul to my spicy tech, the death of my Princess in the only challenge she made all day and from then on the tempo was mine, with a concession round two. I was lucky here though, because if it was Consuming Flames and Missandei in Richard's hand instead of A Dragon Is No Slave... the game is lost for me round 1.

With other ways of removing unwanted attachments, and my attempts to reduce challenge phase gold, I opted for Raiding the Bay of Ice over We Do Not Sow. Raiding supports pillage and also triggers our Princess' Carriage. Raiding is also a much more effective event for Silence's Crew - the card that does not suffer fools!

This deck runs two copies of The Maiden due to the extra reserve boost needed resulting from the insane draw from Asha. Two Maiden's also give you a total of 12 for your Initiative on your Rise of the Kraken flip. I would have preferred two copies of Supporting the Faith and the third Highroad, but double Maiden just works better.

Give the deck a spin to find out some of the other neat plays. Remember that our sole Wildling is a Raider and can benefit from Foamdrinker and also trigger Left-Hand Lucas Codd (one of the best looking full bleed prize cards from Stahleck '22)

To finish off.... I want to recognise my luck and fortune on the day, as my opponents from round two and three ran superb decks but happened to each make a couple of errors that cost them the game... I guess we are all a bit rusty.


Reader 292

oldbearmormont 1 - Before the deck ran "The Bloody Cup", it contained Pinch. However, I then started playing around with double Supporting the Faith and Highroads. Highroads don't reduce Pinch and why send a card back to hand when you can pillage it off the top of their deck for an extra card in the discard pile (Asha), and a possible Corpse Lake trigger. Bloody Cup is cheaper than Pinch, isn't thwarted by Sweetsleep and is hard to cancel unless your opponent is sitting on 2 gold and a Hand Job.

I also believe that all the current cards in this deck are fairly balanced and reasonable designs. Personally I don't like to run Pinch in my decks and despise facing it in its current form, as I don't feel it is designed correctly. I think a dissolvable powder should be terminal, like The Stranger and Milk of the Poppy. The same pinch of powdery substance should not be repeatable in my humble opinion.

Reader 292

plus I would be making my own Pinch Terminal with Helya

oldbearmormont 1

Great insights, thank you. One comment on comparing pinch to milk.

Pinch is more expensive to play than Milk, three gold vs. one gold. It's also a reaction, i.e. not passive. So it should have some pros compared to Milk. If you started making cards like A Pinch of Powder terminal, then you are also arguing to make cards such as Venomous Blade and Shadow of the North, etc. terminal too.