False Banner of the Sun, Chud Army Assemble

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Pao 24

A quick draft of a Tyrell, “false banner” of the Sun. Mostly in tyrell for that sweet card draw and more chuds for the army. Change with Road to Winterfell will like be substitute at least two if not all three Ariannes with Nymeria.

Changes from the first try after initial testing. Arianne is most definitely a proxy for Nymeria. That card is too good not to have 3 of. I also included Randyll since the deck needed more closers and he’s too good of one. As well dropped the 3rd Vayrs for a 3rd Night of Flowers for the same reason. I need to be able to have the renown train early to help speed up the victory. A few other minor changes but plot wise, Noble Cause for Game of Thrones (too good with icon manipulation) and the second summons for wild fire because maybe you don’t see Varys though it may not be as good.

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