Dragons at the Beach: 1st Place, Southington, CT SC

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cml 123

I took this deck to victory at the SC in Southington, CT on 2/27. Targaryen was my favorite house in first edition, and has remained my favorite in second, so I decided to return to my roots after experimenting with other houses to mixed success earlier in the SC season. I added the Martell for the additional control elements.

Summary of rounds below, followed by some comments on card choices:

Round 1: James (?), Lannister Rose, W: I may have my opponent’s name wrong, since I neglected to write it down, so if that’s the case, I apologize. He said it was only his fourth or fifth game of Thrones, and I ran into a very good start. Set up Nymeria and a couple of chuds. Turn 1 challenges involved taking Jaime’s INT icon, Dracarys! on Cersei, Tears on Jaime, and a Plaza use on a chud. I followed that up with a turn 2 Summons that got Dany, and that was basically that.

Round 2: Devin, Tyrell Lord of the Crossing, W: This might have been the best game of second edition Thrones I’ve played in. Devin got off to a great start early, jumping out to something like a 10-0 power lead (helped by an early Queen of Thorns dropping in a Randyll). He got to 14 power two or three times, but I managed to find enough kill and icon manipulation to keep myself in the game. (I played Crown of Gold twice – once to kill Paxter, and once to buy myself a turn in which the Knight of Flowers couldn’t attack, since I had Dany out.) The game turned when Devin had to pin his Wildfire on plot 7 – I was able to flood the board after that without fear of reprisal, and I got to 15 power via renown on Jorah during plot 9 or 10, when time had been called.

Round 3: Evn, Targaryen Rose, L: Evn is a meta mate, and I knew he’s been playing Targ Rose for most of the SC season, so I know this will be tough. I set up Nymeria and a couple chuds, while he sets up Littlefinger and a couple chuds of his own. I made an early mistake by taking Littlefinger’s power icon away, which gets Nymeria Tears-ed after he cancels my Hand’s Judgment with one of his own. After that, my deck provided me with basically nothing, meaning that I needed Evn to make a major mistake to get back into the game. Turns out he didn’t even make a minor mistake, let alone a major one. I drew Dany eventually, but it was far too late at that point to matter.

Round 4: Roy, Stark Fealty, W: Roy is a friend from NYC, who I somehow have never actually played against in a tournament setting. I set up Nymeria and a couple of chuds (again), and he set up Catelyn, Sansa and a location. Turn 1 I made some headway by Tears-ing Catelyn after taking her intrigue icon, but Roy stabilized a couple turns later by getting Robb with Ice and Lady into a military challenge via the Kennel Master (after I’d taken his MIL icon) and killing Nymeria. I squeaked out a win on a turn in which Roy might well have been able to win had I not been going first.

I am 3-1 going into the cut, and I am the second seed. The cut is Targ Rose, me, Stark Lord of the Crossing, and Tyrell Lord of the Crossing.

Semifinals: Alex B, Stark Lord of the Crossing, W: Alex is a former meta mate who moved back to CT after completing his schooling in Boston, so we’ve played a number of games together. Unfortunately for him, he did not draw into any economy, while I drew into a ton of kill effects. I was able to apply a ton of pressure to his board early and never really let up.

Finals: Evn, Targaryen Rose, W: Rematch from Swiss, and it was close to the exact opposite of the Swiss game. I was able to Wildfire early when I had a much deeper hand than Evn, which allowed me to establish a strong board advantage. After that, he didn’t draw into much. I think the play of the game for me, though, was seeing that he had his board knelt out and no way showing to stand Dany, with three cards in hand. I knew that the only thing that could kill me would be if he could kneel Dany to play Dracarys and then have a Waking the Dragon, so I decided to not make challenges with Dany and leverage my board state advantage. A pull of Waking the Dragon on the next turn with Intrigue claim and a Dracarys! showed that was the right decision for this game. From there, I just steadily ground out my board advantage until I got the win.

MVP of the day was the Dornish Paramour. It wasn't even pulling people into challenges to burn them - it was a combination of the threat of burning them and the challenge manipulation. There were a number of times during the day that I was able to effectively control the Challenges phase by pulling a key character in, even if I lost that particular challenge.

I don't generally like running Wildfire Assault, but Targaryen is one of the places I think it fits the best, and with the possibility of Knights weenie rush looming, I thought it was important to have in the deck. Didn't regret it at all during the day.

Feel free to ask if anyone has questions about any other card choices.


Daigelmir 1

Grats on your win. I'm really puzzled regarding Dornish Paramour, could she pull a character if it doesn't have an int icon?

cml 123

@Daigelmir - No, she can only pull a character in if they have an intrigue icon, but that was incredible all day. Pulling in a The Queen of Thorns so that I could make sure she couldn't trigger, or a Daenerys Targaryen to remove the -1 to all my characters was very useful. I also had a couple times where I pulled in Rhaegal to either remove my opponent's mil icon to block / initiate their own challenges with, or to burn out with Dracarys!. It was far more versatile than it might seem on the surface.

taijibear 213

But Queen of Thorns triggers off winning, she doesn't have to attack herself. I assume you mean like pull her in and #Dracarys! or something?

cml 123

@taijibear - Yes, the Queen of Thorns works on defense. But you can attack with more strength in INT then they have, and the opponent can't just let it go and then use QoT on their own INT challenge.

linkingverbs 186

Grats again! Enjoyed the report!

TheDiddler 1

Do you have any thoughts on inclusion of cards from The King's Peace?

cml 123

@TheDiddler - Thought about it and decided that there wasn't anything that I wanted to slot in. I think that you could potentially drop a couple of characters and put 2x Attainted in, if you wanted to - I suppose if I were to do that, I'd probably drop a Handmaiden and either Obara or a Bastard Daughter. Ultimately, though, I thought the icon control I had was sufficient.

TheDiddler 1

Awesome. I plan to give it a try at our league and see how it works.

Appreciate the comment.