ThroneRunner Episode 7: SC Winning GJ Fealty

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ThroneRunner 1182

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Thank you!


SizemattersHS 14

Congrats buddy :)

Kain8 39

Do you find Clash of Kings is working as a better closing plot than Rise of the Kraken?

ThroneRunner 1182

Thanks @YellowJacket!

@Kain8 I was running both Rise of the Kraken and A Clash of Kings for some time. I found that I very rarely needed, or could, use Rise of the Kraken for that final push.

A Clash of Kings in my opinion is much more competitive. It has higher initiative, +2 Gold and can be triggered on both offensive and defensive challenges if for some reason you don't end up being FP.

blueeyedbanditt 1

Thoughts on Fishing Net?

SizemattersHS 14

@ThroneRunnerI might just join the darkside. Hehehe :)

RainKing 69

Congrats on the win. I agree with what you said in the video about not wanting to turn off your The Seastone Chair or Raiding Longship by giving someone a Fishing Net. However, I think the net's best use may be to give it to someone that your opponent has already given one of their own attachments to thinking that will protect them.

Braxton 1

Fishing Net is useful for taking out characters that have "Mare In Heat" attached to them. If they can't defend, they can't remove YOU from a challenge.

ThroneRunner 1182

@BraxtonI know it is a useful card but an unnecessary one. I had it slotted in the Saturday tournament and took it out on Sunday.

Stealth is declared before mare can be used. That's how I dealt with them for the most part. Also using Confiscation and/or We Do Not Sow. Fishing Net is a good card but one that is not fully necessary current. (Just in my humble opinion). I do encourage people to tweak the deck to their preference of play style!

SeaRaptor 1

I have not typically run Seal of the Hand in Greyjoy; who do you find it most useful with?

Braxton 1

@ThroneRunner I totally see your reasoning and I'm leaning towards not playing it now. I got burned badly this weekend with 'Mare" when my opponent got all 3 of his 'Mare' cards out. I didn't have enough stealth out to deal with it and didn't have enough attachment removal to counter. Thanks for your reply and for posting your deck! ... and congrats on your win!

ThroneRunner 1182

@SeaRaptorI have never put it on anyone other than Balon Greyjoy or Euron Crow's Eye. My preference is the former, but realistically either one of them giving you renown twice in a turn is fantastic.

I would say not to hold it back in your hand because you're hoping to draw the other guy as a target for it later. When you see it, play it on whichever one you have out. If you have both, then Balon.

SeaRaptor 1

@ThroneRunner Much obliged; thanks for the reply and sharing the deck. Watching you build it on YouTube was fun; I love Greyjoy and managed to scrape a 4th place showing at a recent SC. Our character and location lists were nearly identical already, and I liked your take on events and plots. You've inspired me to make some changes!

betta 1

Congratz on your win! As I really like Greyjoy, but never managed to win anything (I currently play Greysun), I'm curious about the Targaryen matchup: how do you deal with Dracarys and the various -1 penalties? And what about Lannisters? You need a lot of countertricks to beat them, but being so low on int icons, how do you manage? Thank you!

Machination 1

@ThroneRunner A Clash of Kings is just so much better, like you've stated. The one thing (out of many) that pushed me away from Rise of the Kraken is that winning an unopposed challenge. Why did that have to be unopposed? It is too fickle at giving something in return. An easy pass.

Again, congrads on your win!

ThroneRunner 1182

@bettaTo be competitive against Targ and Lannister you need to see your The Seastone Chair early, as well as Risen from the Sea and The Hand's Judgment.

Being able to save Asha from Dracarys! and boost her to +5 or straight up cancel Dracarys with Hand's Judgment is crucial. Risen also protects her from Crown of Gold. So I like to draw aggressively off of Great Kraken or mulligan aggressively to find one or some of these pieces against Targ/Lanni

Lannister relies on key characters, namely Tyrion and Tywin. If you can silence them early then it's smooth sailing (Pun intended)

jaypeedaylee 36

I'm coming to realize that HJ is becoming the new Milk in that HJ is almost a requirement in every deck like Milk used to be.

bsorensen 1

LOVE THIS DECK :) and going to modify to fit my needs :)

TjLazer 13

Made top 4 out of 17 players with this deck at a SC yesterday. Went 3-1 in swiss, winning against a Stark/kraken and 2 other Greyjoy fealty. Then I faced a Bara fealty in the last game of swiss and got destroyed, and got destroyed against another Bara fealty in the semifinal. I've only been playing since january which is a testament to how awesome this deck is so thanks alot @ThroneRunnerfor making it. :-)

ThroneRunner 1182

@TjLazerThat's awesome, dude! Glad to hear you've found success with it. Unfortunately Bara fealty gives it trouble pretty consistently... But then again Bara fealty gives every deck trouble haha Cheers!

TjLazer 13

@ThroneRunnerThanks :-) I'm going too another SC this weekend and I don't really want to change anything in the deck, but do you have any tips in case I run into anymore Bara kneel?

ThroneRunner 1182

@TjLazer without changing anything I think you need to see a Seal of the Hand and The Seastone Chair very early. That really takes the pressure off. Also need to find The Hand's Judgment to cancel those powerful Bara events. It's a very strategic matchup for you. Auto pilot for them.

TjLazer 13

@ThroneRunnerYeah I didn't see a single Seal of the Hand in both Bara matches. Will probably try to mulligan and draw more aggressively if I face that matchup again. Thanks for the advice :-)

SeaRaptor 1

@ThroneRunnerJust wanted to say thanks again; I took a 1-card different variant of this deck to my own SC this weekend and walked away with the plaque. (I swapped the 3rd Great Kraken for 1 Support of the People, which turned out huge when I was able to grab a Seastone Chair and get Standy Randy off the board in Game 1.) Having to weather 4 rounds of knelt Balon against Bara/Rose at the end was irritating, but the deck held up solidly and I managed to draw into the right things at the right times. Counting Coppers was easily the star of each game, allowing me to re-fill my hand around plot 3 or 4. The video in particular helped me fine-tune my plot and event package; our locations and characters were already virtually identical.


monkeysandpirates 2

How do you handle Syrio with this deck? He's pretty common in the meta here and as soon as he hits the opponants side of the table he just destroys the Greyjoy core abilities. I don't want to, but I'm thinking I need to add some Milks back in.

ThroneRunner 1182

@monkeysandpiratesI haven't ever had a game where Syrio was the reason for taking a loss. When he comes out the game plan doesn't change much because you still have Raiding Longship. Also, most people end up using the military and stealth on offence against you opening up the board anyway. I don't think Syrio Forel is worth slotting Milk of the Poppy into the deck. Balon Greyjoy + The Seastone Chair also deal with him effectively ;)

TjLazer 13

@ThroneRunnerChanged 1 Great Kraken for a Support of the People and just got second place in a SC. Lost the final to Andreas "Buzz" Aldrin so i'm not that sad about it. I hear that you have to make the cut 2 times before you can win a SC with this deck though ;-)