SC @Goblin Bologna (44 players): Top4

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Bayushi Sezaru 645

This deck, piloted by Francesco D'Alessio (aka "Baralai" on this site), finished in the top4 at the Store Championship played on march 13th, 2016 at Goblin in Bologna, Italy (I was the TO).

44 players jousting in 6 rounds of swiss, with a top8 cut.

You can take a look at a few pictures taken during the event here:

Metagame breakdown: 13 Targaryen 11 Lannister 6 Greyjoy 4 Baratheon 3 Tyrell 3 Stark 2 Martell 2 Night's Watch

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baralai 285

Updated version of Doggy Style

Plot and event changed to face Gregor and the new "DROPDACOW!!!" meta :)