The Sunflower Store Championship winner 7-0 Copenhagen

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Sam Braatz's Worlds Winner 161 113 16 1.0
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hansn 90

Took this little deck to the Copenhagen Store Championship in a relative small meta of only 13 players, mostly dominated by Lannister and Greyjoy. It performed consistently and surprisingly well. It won the 7-0 (Targ/Lion, NW/Kraken, GJ/Sun, Lanni/Rose and Bara/Sun in the swiss, Cut 4; NW/Kraken. Final; Lanni/Rose)

I started playing the game in October 2015 and this was my first entry into the tournament scene, fortunately the Copenhagen meta is friendly, laidback and open to new players. I´m not sure that the Copenhagen meta can match the fabled Swedish meta, but nevertheless I had a load of fun, so here is a rough breakdown of the deck concept and the matches as I recall. It was inspired by Sam Braatz deck, but fuelled by the desire to prove that Martell is much stronger as a main faction than "just" a banner faction.


Varys to reset the board, when it suit you. Then take control post-varys.

Arianne to drop in unexpected support from the hand in shape of Areo Hotah, Olennas Informant, Syrio, Nymeria, Margery, Knight of Flowers, Rattleshirt or even the claim soak: Bastard Daughter. Use the reducers to utilise economical advantage in dropping in other character when you need them.

Naval Superiority: What can I say, a game changer. I've kept the curve low so I still was able to use the low income for something useful.


In the games I've played with this deck, there have been some very definitive moment in the games where you take complete control of the game and dominate the flow of the game. Usually is either Varys, Sunspear raising the claim and dropping in Olennas Informant for that double tap challenge or Naval Superiority that hits the right plot.

Anyway, feel free to take the deck for a spin and provide feedback of how it plays.


Buzz 516

Nice to see the Copenhagen Meta active, see you at Nordics! Greetings from Sweden :)

hansn 90

Sure thing @Buzz we're trying to build and strengthening the Copenhagen meta so we can at least give you swedes a little bit of resistance ;). May I suggest we create a Kalmar union instead before you beards will be outmatched by ours?

Buzz 516

We're not falling for that again!