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mikerebby 249

-1 Arianne
-1 Moneylender
-1 Calm

+1 Obara Sand
+1 Tyrion
+1 A Game of Thrones

Martell has been my house of choice since cracking my core sets open at Gencon. This deck focuses on early game board control and powerful late game Power challenges to pull out the win.

Lannister is likely the strongest banner right now, allowing increased gold generation with Tyrion Lannister and Lannisport Moneylender, ambush with Gold Cloaks and Widow's Wail, and a great all-around character in Ser Jaime Lannister.

The extra gold generation is necessary to ensure you can establish your board while still being able to fire Tears of Lys, Put to the Sword, Milk of the Poppy, and Doran's Game.

Sunspear and Sneak Attack are great for high-claim challenge opportunities.

Ghaston Grey and Heads on Spikes synergize well together. On its own, Ghaston is a great answer to a lot of power characters.

Be sure not to overextend early game. Drop just enough characters to keep your opponent at bay and look for opportunities to counterstrike.

Ideally, you should try to hit 8 or more power by round 4-5 and then close out the game with big power swings using Doran's Game.

I decided to omit Confinement and Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken. I do think they're good cards but they weren't really pulling their weight and were oftentimes a touch too situational.

Comments and suggestions are welcome!


Dydra 1467

I strongly disagree with the 3x Arianne Martell. She doesn't work to put herself into play and any dupes she has on herself get discarded when you use her ability. You could play 3 for concistency reasons, but the dupe discard really downgrades playing her with all copies possible.

From my personal experience, I've found her to be the most of use late game since currently she is one of the few Martell Ladies and thus a target for Doran's ability. However, 2 of is more than enough. I would even argue that 1 is the right number for her. You could put 1 or 2 Obara Sand in her place instead.

Dydra 1467

Also, I'd go up to 3x Tyrion since he is a contender for best card in the core set and I'd definitely move away from the 12 Limited cards. Currently you have Kingsroad, Roseroad , Blood Orange Grove and Lannisport Moneylender.

Dydra 1467

Last comment, I promise, just didn't look at your plot deck :P Not playing A Game of Thrones in a Martel/Lannister deck seems borderline criminal offence. Great control card, will most likely single handedly stall/win an entire round for you and it really punishes some low icon factions, like those pesky Greyjoys :P

mikerebby 249

@Dydra Thanks for the feedback, man! I agree that 3x Arianne is likely overkill. Going to 2x for an Obara is a solid call. I like being able to get Arianne out early because she's straight up my favorite card in the faction (not necessarily the best, but my favorite) but you're right, the dupes are mostly useless. I was okay with 3x Moneylenders while running 3x Arianne because you can use her ability to get around the Limited restriction. If I drop a copy of her, then 2x Lenders and another Tyrion makes sense. I'll give the changes a try and see how it goes.

Thanks again!

mikerebby 249

Also, good call on A Game of Thrones.

Dydra 1467

Arianne's ability works around the Limited restriction? Really? :O

Alsciende 107

I guess it's because the Limited card she puts into play isn't marshaled.

Limited cards that are “put into play” via card effects ignore and are ignored by this restriction.

Barnie25 222

Why dont you play taxation in this deck? With good gold and reserve it would really help you as you run 12 limited.

dukayn 2

@DydraArianne’s duplicates do not get discarded for her ability. She retains the duplicate as her return to hand effect requires that a character was successfully put into play by her ability first. This is because of the wording, which is “Then, return Arianne Martell to your hand.”

So how it works is: - Trigger Arianne to put another Arianne into play from your hand, as she is a 5 cost character. - Because Arianne is already in play, the new Arianne becomes a duplicate of the original Arianne. - A character was not successfully put into play, as duplicates are not characters, so her return to hand effect doesn’t trigger. The ‘then’ in her wording requires that the preceding condition be met, which in this instance it hasn’t.

This has been confirmed by a couple of people as the way it works, and is consistent with 1.0 ‘then’ effects.

So basically it’s a way to cheat a duplicate of her into play without doing it in Marshalling, if you really want to do that.

bloody9 1

Whoever made the call on A Game of Thrones is a Genius, I shut down Sneak Attack so much with this card. @dukaynI am confused, so putting a dupe of Arianne Martell doesn’t trigger the bounce? So what the real question I have is what happens to dupes if you use Arianne Martell are they discarded in the bounce effect? Also, @mikerebbyI love this deck, one of the things I did was -1 Gold Cloaks +1 Joffrey Baratheon so at the end of the game if I need to I can Wildfire Assault all my Lord & Ladies away to win plus the added bonus of Widow’s Wail.

dukayn 2

@mikerebby Yeah, if she already had duplicate on her then they would be discarded, due to ‘cannot be saved’.