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Joe From Cincinnati 1649

With the new icon removal cards, as well as His Viper Eyes and, of course, Nymeria, Martell makes for a very formidable banner for the NW. Plus, with Nymeria and Arianne, you have some very good intrigue icons/faux intrigue icons that can help protect the Wall during a First Snow of Winter turn, one of the biggest weaknesses of NW Fealty.


Trooper66 1

I like your NW decks and watch your Youtube videos. I was wondering if you have ever tried to make a NW deck that can murder your opponents as well as defending? I tend to build my decks for fun and been toying with a NW Wildling deck.

Joe From Cincinnati 1649

@Trooper66I've never personally tried a deck that can do both. There is a lot of cards that lend to defending and a lot of cards that lend to murdering and I feel like a deck that tries to do both would end up being unfocused and ultimately ineffective. You could try a Wall deck that you run a few kill events in, or something like that. But pure murder with double marched, Wildfire, First Snow of Winter etc seems like you'd lose the effectiveness of your defensive strategy at that point.

However, I have been thinking about a NW Wildling deck. I don't think the Wildling base is there quite yet. But it's getting close and I think it'll be a fun deck once it gets here. We just need a few more wildlings with impactful abilities.

celric 399

@Trooper66If you like NW with a Murder splash, you may like this Watch/Martell combo - There's also a Kracken version focused on weakening your opponent's board -

Trooper66 1

@Joe From Cincinnati Totally agree with you that the Wildling base isn't there yet. I also disagree with the people who say that sitting back and defending is not a fun way to play. When I play with my youngest son, the NW - BOW deck is the first one he asks to use. The best offense is a defense.