Winner of Campionat de Catalunya (Barcelona Regional, 77play

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marquina 429

This is the deck that I played in Campionat de Catalunya (Barcelona Regional) in a field of 77 player with a result of 9-0

The tournament consist in a 5-round swiss and TOP-16. My pairings were: 1st round vs Lannister/Kraken (Tanatos) 2nd round vs Lannister Fealty (Julio) 3rd round vs Lannister/Kraken (Shackpack) 4th round vs Lannister/Stag (Xikitins) 5th round vs Greyjoy Fealty (Kvothe) TOP-16 vs Martell Fealty (Masterporc) TOP-8 vs Stark Fealty (Kiba) TOP-4 vs Lannister/Kraken (Luke) Final vs Lannister/Kraken (Gaius Baltar)

All the matches that I played in TOP were recorded and will be published on Youtube, also the last swiss round.

Thanks to all the people that made this tournament possible.

Doubts, comments and questions are welcome.

A report will come soon.


Milchtee 43

Congrats! Any reason you chose to run Riverrun Minstrel and not core Sansa?

imabunneh 366

Why Riverrun Minstrels?

AFrede 101

guessing its a late 1 power burst that gives the deck more stability against first snow if you have to drop it early. Sansa is more power over time but first snow can really hurt Bara

papagallardo 8

i think he choose riverrun minstrels to prevent FSoW but that is just an assumption

marquina 429

As @AFredeand @papagallardo, Minstrels resist FSoW, a plot that hurt Bara, and also provide an intrigue icon. @MilchteeThanks! I think that core Sansa it's not a good choice cause she had bad synergy with Stannis. If you stand Sansa, you can`t stand Robert and Eddard, for example.

iTrvis 370

Congratz on your win! I've been hovering on the idea of a Bara-wolf deck for quite sometime now, it's awesome to see yours go 9-0! What are your thoughts of dropping 1 Frozen Solid for a Seal of the Hand? Is Stannis Baratheon counter productive since the deck is a mix of control and power grab? And lastly, your thoughts on Ser Davos Seaworth vs Gendry?

Once again congrats on your win! Looking forward to reading your thoughts about the deck while i'm in the works of crafting my own! :D

marquina 429

@iTrvisthank you! Remember that if you drop 1 Frozen solid you need to add another Stark card. Seal and frozen are totally different cards, frozen shine against greyjoy, and can help against Martell, Tyrell and mirrors, against Lanni and Targa sucks, but I think it's worth it to play 2, and with more card pool, frozen solid utility will improve. Seal is a card that make the deck more aggressive, and expensive, it will shine against other Bara but I cut it when I build the deck in order to improve the setups and low the gold cost of the deck, and also because lightbringer it's a pseudoseal. If I have to include one seal i will drop a lightbringer copy. Stannis it's not counterproductive, he has synergy with Robert, Fiery, and Lightbringer, and help you to control the table. The deck is still about control, but is faster than a traditional Bara Fealty deck. Stannis help me a lot against Lannister, they marshal a lot of strong characters, but thanks to Stannis they can't not use all of them. I think that Ser Davos it's better in this kind of deck, and in all the decks no dominance-focus. He have Stealth and it's almost immortal, if Stannis it's in game, let Davos die for claim and marshal him again every round, and he is great with wildfire too. I don't run Gendry here because I don't want to be worried about dominance every round, and I don't want a character that can kill himself, if you're deck it's focus in winning dominance, Gendry it's a great choice.

Hope that I help you

iTrvis 370

@marquina Thanks for the prompt reply! Can't wait for your youtube videos as i'm interested to watch how you pilot your deck! I've been playing Bara-sun full control no table/chair for far too long, and it's refreshing to see a Bara deck that is not fealty/sun/lion work so well! Congrats on your win once again!

Skriker 1

I like the deck it looks fun! Just had a few comments and questions.

Been playing Bara Fealty for some time now and I have a tough time with Stark Fealty. How did your top 8 match go against it? Is it a difficult matchup for you?

I was going to ask why Selyse wasn't enough defense against Tears but I forgot she won't protect Ned.

Not having Gendry it makes sense to trim on the rest of the dominance package (i.e. Table and Throne). Would 7 cost Ned be any good in a more controlling/dominance version?

Thanks in advance for fielding questions! I'm a relatively new player and I'm trying to expand my knowledge of the game.

mabenediction 1

Is it possible that with first winter this deck now gets crushed. I tried this yesterday and got massacred twice by targ crossing. Wasn't even a challenge.

marquina 429

@Skriker Stark is the worse pairing for this deck, with Jon/Robb combo turn Stannis against yourself. TOP-8 game was the most difficult game in the tournament, it ends 15-12 if my memory don't fail. I can only take the win because I can go first in the decisive plot, and win a power challenge 30 to 28 STR.

Littlebird also protect you from greyjoy stuff, and you only have to pay it one time, with selyse you have to pay every round

Yes, with Table in game you change the way that your opponents play, it's a truly head pain for him, if you play Gendry you have to worry about winning dominance, but with table it's your opponent problem. Throne is also a good card, even if you don't have the table, it will win dominations alone, and also let you have one more card in hand.

If you want to focus on winning dominance is better to play Bara/fealty, or maybe Bara/Watch. 7 cost Ned it's more expensive and have less STR, i think that he can be good too (good synergy with Stannis), but I prefer new Eddard, at least in this deck, any deck with some stealth can make useless the standing Eddard ability, for example.

marquina 429

@mabenediction I think that all Lannister that I face in tournament play FSoW, and it wasn't a problem. The deck have 5 unique characters and 2 nameless guys that resist the plot, 14 characters cards in total, plus Arys who enter play with a duplicate, and Selyse, Cressen and Bran who can be saved with duplicates too. Also you can prevent militar challenge with In the Name of Your King!.

Lapiedra 29

Bara autoplay

eamals24 50

Congrats! Why no ward?

eamals24 50

And also, why no city watch? It seems likely that you'll get to play them for 3?


very good deck i have tested this since you posted, seems quite strong, nice work!

marquina 429

@eamals24 Thank you! Both cards are expensive, and will worsen the settups. Anyway, I don't like city watch, only provides STR, and the ambush it's a win more situation. Maybe I try to play Ward in the future, but i'm not convinced yet, it's expensive, and in a lot of cases only will work until the next plot, and if your opponent don't have a good card to steal it's a dead card in the hand.

@YEEZUSThank you!

flaminghobo011 1

Excellent deck! Would you drop anything to fit Ser Barristan Selmy in the deck?

marquina 429

@flaminghobo011 The only way to include Ser Barristan is drop one of the big boys, if it's included with them, you won't be able to pay all them. Personally, I will maintain Robert, Stannis, Eddard and Melisandre instead of add Barristan.

Violator 1

Congatulations on your great win my friend !! Can you please post the links on the You Tube Channel where your matches will be uploaded ? Thanks in advance and again congatulations .

mattastrophic 727

What advice would you give for dealing with Lannister/Dragon and Martell/Lion?

marquina 429

@ViolatorThank you! I will do it, my the games are not uploaded yet, only first two rounds,. The YT channel is this:

@mattastrophic Against Lanni/Dragon you need the big guys to resist FSoW and stop Mirri. Stannis will shine stoping him to use all the high cost. Bran is key to cancel the killing events. Another good cards to keep in the setup are In the Name of Your King!, Selyse and Littlebird

Agains Martell/Lion play defensive to prevent Ghaston until you get Frozen. Focus on kneel Tyene and keep all your intrigue characters ready to defend. Bran again it's a good card agains the powerfull Martell events