Tulsa Regional 1st Place - Saiyan Saga

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SirLargeness 475

Me: "Hey Vegeta, how many times did i forget to use Gates of Winterfell to draw a card during the tournament?"

Vegeta: "Its over 8,000!"

Me: "Yeah...that sounds about right"

Seriously though, this deck actually isnt far off from other Stark Fealty that ive seen pop up here as tournament winners or high placers. I'll give a quick runthough of the plots and some of the card choices, and later this week i'll re-edit this post to include a tournament report that will be filled with hopefully some good notes and some funny recollections of dumb play mistakes i made throughout the day (see above)

Not gonna talk about most of the Allstars, Ned, Rob, Catelyn are all really good, as is Blackfish. Get out guys with the Renown Keyword, go second, gain power, say "No" to things. Rinse, repeat, dont make mistakes.

Plots: Building Orders - One of the highest impact plots for me throughout the day as there are many matchups we want to dig early for a Winterfell if we dont see one in our hand. Almost all of my opponents had a Tyene Sand or a Mirri Maz Duur on the board during my games against them, which is when Winterfell or Milk of the Poppy really earn their keep.

Calling the Banners - Since we dont do much to affect our opponent's board state, this is always a nice amount of gold and its pretty fast for initiative.

Calm Over Westeros - 90% of the time this is our opener to help us establish the state we want early without the threat of "too" much stuff bad happening to us. Its also not Naval-able which is nice.

Confiscation - Ned and Rob get on the Drugs alot, so gotta have a way to remove it.

Summons - Honestly im not super Jazzed about playing it, but we sometimes lack for card draw and our deck is too expensive to suffer a Counting turn. Sometimes you just gotta dial up a dude when any walking body will do. Also, we need it for the mirror cause whoever gets Robb Stark into play first wins (dramatic oversimplification, but you get the point)

Trading with the Pentoshi - Man, if theres any card i love to broadly hate on, its this guy here. Originally this was A Noble Cause, but in testing we found that if Lannister (any combination) had a huge first turn and gets out at least 3 of their big uniques, then we gotta be able to answer in kind, and fast. This unfortunately is the card that allows us to do that thing. I actually didnt play this in over 50% of my match ups, but the few times i really needed it i was glad it was there.

Wardens of the North - This thing is so good, and im not gonna be shocking anyone by saying that. I'd play 2 if i could, it forces your opponent to so heavily over calculate the battle math that you always end up netting power on these turns.


Key players and Surprisingly useful dudes: Winterfell - Pretty sure everyone gets it by now, moving on

Milk of the Poppy - Nymeria and Tyrion are generally targets #1 for this, it was always super good in every game i drew it or multiples. Basically never a dead card.

Ice- I was suprised that 3 of in the deck didnt bum me out at all, but i was always happy to draw it. We dont "really" care about our opponents board state, but sometimes Key players for them need to die fast, like the before mentioned characters Nym or Tyrion, or anyone thats gonna be a bummer on a winter plot turn like Khal Drogo.

Nightmares- speaking of Winter turns, this card saved my ass in many games and i was glad i made room for 2. If we can turn off a Tyene or a Mirri on a winter turn, then it was worth it. Also we sometimes might do this to a Ser Ilyn Payne as our first marshal action if we go first. Originally the deck had Zero events to try to turn all copies of The Hand's Judgment into blank cards, but i had to slightly backpedal on that once i saw how helpful this card could be.

Jory Cassel - So when The Long Winter gets flipped by our opponent this guy becomes a super rock star. Either he's gonna save us from a Tears or Mirri that we couldnt stop, or he stright up eats a 2 claim all by himself. Wouldn't run more than one, but he wins games.

Septa Mordane - So, if she hits the board with Sansa Stark, and you happen to also have a Winterfell out, then you have a 7 Str bi-con with Renown. its really good....like, really good. On the subject, this version of Sansa Stark is perfect for this deck, as she sets up like a champ and maybe gives us late game card draw, really she's kinda everything we need in all phases of that game for 2 freakin gold.

Ward - I was expecting this thing to be pretty meh, and it really was for the most part. Very few targets for most of the tournament to choose from, i think the most impact it had was during the finals when i took a Greenblood Trader from my opponent. Im glad its a one of, i expect its very good in the mirror, but any more would be too much for what the meta looks like right now. Not saying the card itself isnt great, it sure is, just right now its less effective.

Gates of Winterfell - Sigh, this card is usually so good for us, however i probably missed drawing about 10 cards over the course of the whole tournament. Im the worst player in the world is my only excuse. Usually if we reveal a Neutral card its a Road, and we can then use either Summons or Building to dig for something and then draw hopefully something more impact-full with our draw step. I think i'm just gonna need to get RTFC sleeves for myself from now on.

Ill try to get a full tournament report typed up and added to this in the next few days. It was a well ran event by the Covenant store in Tulsa, OK (check it out if youve never been). I played against some incredible players and feel very happy about the level of competition that was on hand to make my day difficult. if you have any questions please feel free to ask below.



congrats on your win! one of the more interesting decisions in Stark is which sansa to use. Did this one work better than the core one, even with your defense/power gain plan? How did the minstrels work - would you keep them or replace them with something like littlefinger? I really like milk and nightmares, so many ways to blank powerful guys. Would you suggest any changes?

dtrooper 1

@SirLargeness Riverrun Minstrel is a really interesting choice. Doesn't get The First Snow of Wintered, rushes for a single power, raises the intrigue count. Is that worth it being so subpar, stat-wise? Also, have you considered Close Call at all?

Congratulations on your win.

SirLargeness 475

The simple fact that Sansa can cost 1 after a fealty makes this version work for me more than the Core one, if only because so much of the rest of our deck costs alot. Core sansa is really good still, so if the money works for you then its really a personal preference at that point. I actually liked the Riverrun Minstrel, you could run a Littlefinger if you wanted to, though the more neutral guys we have the more wonkey our economy game gets. I only added Syrio the day before the tournament as thats when i also added Tradin w/ pentoshi. Without tradin, i wouldnt be running him either. The Mistrels cost 4 which we wanted against The First Snow of Winter, they provide a power which is also great, and its just a bonus if that power gets to go to The Blackfish, though not really required.

If i were to say that anything could be changed, it would be the 1x Osha and Hodor. Could be that we need bigger impact characters for those slots, but Osha is like my favorite card right now so i just cant do it, and Hodor is a 1 cost defender after fealty, so also hard for me to cut also.

SirLargeness 475

@dtrooper Close call could work, but I have trouble figuring out where it would go and what would come out. It's effect is definitely desirable for our deck.

SirLargeness 475

throughout the day i wasnt negatively impacted by Riverrun Minstrel's stat line, as each time it was in play i also had winterfel out, so they were attacking into Littlefingers or Tyrion Lannister and winning. the games where you get to live the dream with Blackfish at 4 power and 1-2 other tully cards are hilarious..

Zack_Price 243

I can't wait for our tourney report. I was running the Martell/Lion deck when both our brains shut off for the first three plots.

AXPickle 1

Nicely done, I hope your next version is a Kings of Winter and labeled the Freiza saga :D

uolmo 1

Awesome write up, thanks.

Any way to go around Nightmares? I was so happy to skip one extension pack.

Acudogon 1

What do you think of Ser Rodrik?

SirLargeness 475

@uolmo, Nightmares was pretty clutch, but you could cut it for like a 2nd Lady and another character. I wouldnt say its absolutely necessary, but it helps in the games where we have a rough matchup.

@Acudogon, i tried him as a one of in earlier versions but he's just kinda awkward and drives the cost of our deck up. Blackfish gives us card draw on Mil challenges anyway, Rodrick is definitely more draw but i would have to commit more to Red on a turn and i really try to avoid that. Mil is not our most important challenge to attack on.

AXPickle 1

I see a lot of versions running Winter is coming over Nightmares, was your choice a meta one, or more just your play style lends yourself to it?

SirLargeness 475

@AXPickleabout a month about i switched playstyles from the Kill heavy aggro stark that got me Top 4 in Dallas to this. I ended up deciding to drop Winter Is Coming cause if we are not also putting heavy red pressure on our opponent then a third of that card's function is sorta negated, also WIC is much better when paired with any 2 power plots, which we also dont have.

Originally i wanted to have no events whatsoever but Nightmares proved to be too valuable during the First Snow or Long Winter turns and it served its purpose excellently during the tournament.

bpo 9

Play a similar deck in France regional (3rd/23 6-2) and in local tournament (1st/18 5-0). I published it here : thronesdb.com

Main differences are :

+2 Arya's Gift (nice for controlling milk)

+2 Frozen Solid (for GJ matchups and Ghaston Grey)

Isian.H 694

@dtrooper well if you SOMEHOW manage to get that 4 renown blackfish, the minstrels don't kneel to attack either since they're tully so they're not bad. I mean, a bicon which is valuable to stark and a AND you gain 1 power. For 4 gold i call worth. plus cant be snowed.

MagnusLothar 86

How did your deck fair without a reset in your plot deck? And how did it cope with an opponent's reset?

My dilemma with Stark (Fealty or banner X) is whether they need one.

SirLargeness 475

@RedVipergreat question. For this deck, we dont need resets as we dont care about how horizontal our opponents board gets. We have answers to singular problem pieces for their side, but generally when we are going second they have to throw a large amount of guys our way on almost every challenge so we dont gain renown power. This either makes them choose to be vulnerable on the crack back, or minimize their challenges upfront.

First snow of winter turn has hurt, which is why we never want to overcommit to small dudes, and if our opening hand is all dudes 3 or less, then we need to mulligan even if that was a potential 5 card set up. Ideal setup for us is usually 3 cards 5-2-1, or 6-2-0.

Wildfire we just have to predict and hold cards in our hand after a certain point. no need to outnumber your opponents character's on the board, as ours are usually more impactful with winterfell out. Also, if we have Arya and Septa Mordain out, we get free advantage over our opponent's reset events as Arya will not be affected at all.

celric 399

How can Jory Cassel "eat 2 claim all by himself"? Am I missing something?

AXPickle 1

@celric you can choose him and someone else as claim then use his ability to save the other person. Thus for a 2 claim military you only use Jory, and he gets sacrificed instead of killed.

celric 399

@AXPickle That doesn't seem correct.

The rules ref states: "When a player loses a military challenge as the defending player, that player must choose a number of different characters he or she controls equal to the claim value on the attacking player’s revealed plot card, and kill those characters. The chosen characters are all killed simultaneously."

It also states: "Sacrificing a card does not satisfy any other means (such as “kill” or “discard”) of a card leaving play."

If the characters are killed simultaneously, the kill is still the next thing to happen to him. It seems you'd need to save Jory before you could sacrifice him to save the other character.

AXPickle 1

`@celric thronesdb.com

I think if it was a reaction, you'd be correct, but Jory's ability is an interrupt so it gets it's own window

"Always resolve interrupts to a triggering condition before resolving the consequences of the triggering condition itself"

celric 399

@AXPicklefair enough and I found additional evidence for your conclusion. community.fantasyflightgames.com