[C6] Lannister Intrigue Rush 1.1 (Detailled Explanations)

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Lannister Intrigue Rush by Benji Adjustement 5 2 2 1.0
Power Behind the Small Council 2.0 (Detailled Explanation) 3 3 7 3.0

Benji 758

The released of Small Council Chamber open the possibility of a Lannister Intrigue Rush. Contrary to V1 Pbbt, this is now a module inside the deck and not the hole one, allowing to keep the polyvalence of classic Lannister LoTC. Most specific choices are explained at 7°)

1°) The Main Combo

Casterly Rock x3 Small Council Chamber x2 Support of the People x2

Support of the People ensure the stability of the combo, and you run Small Council Chamber in two copies since you can hardly regularly pay it, your goal being tutor him.

2°) Classic Lannister Characters

Tyrion Lannisterx3 Tywin Lannisterx3 Ser Jaime Lannisterx3 Cersei Lannisterx3

Classic Line-up with polyvalent big characters. Jaime is chosen instead of Ilyn or Gregor, since he makes two challenges and take on renown.

3°) Classic Plotline

A Noble Cause Most reliable Economic Plot, the deck is designed to turn with only one of them.

The First Snow of Winter and Marched to the Wall are classics.

The Long Winter It's much better to run a Claim 2 to clean the board than WIldfire. This one has good economy and the remove of one power is always good since you're a bit slower at scoring powers than your opponents. Here, with CRoc and ShdLane, you could make a strike with Trial by Combat. Or simply crush your opponent on the sprint toward 15 :) Counting Coppers Summons Both of them fits very well in Lannister. Counting goes well with all your economic big characters, Summons allow you to find an additional character on middle-game or at the start if you're lacking one.

4°) Increased Set Up

When you run costly locations, it's at the expense of marshalling intermediate cost characters. Thus, you have to decrease your economic curve for making the deck efficient.

Burned Menx3 Red Cloaksx2 The Queen's Assassinx2 The Tickler x1

Red Cloaks have the icons you ask them, and an occasional STR bonuses countering drawback of your agenda. So they are perfect. Queen's Assassin could be setuped or play regularly, their goal is to come back in hand when you play First Snow and activate their ability after. The presence of CRoc and Warden of the West increase their synergies with the deck, allowing them slots.

5°) Minimalist non-setupable cards

In addition to Support of the people, that is not really impactant for the opponent, you have to concentrate on simple and efficient cards :

Treacheryx3 Milk of the Poppyx3

You want to pay 1-gold & general effects for overall defensive cards. Both of them are simply effective.

Trial by Combatx3

Discarding hands is good. Cleaning boards once it's done is better.

6°) Usual Choices

Lannisport Merchantx3 The Roseroadx3 Western Fiefdomx3 The Kingsroadx3 Widow's Wailx2

Widow's Wail is taking the slots of one Red Cloak (you basically need one at table) and one Assassin (you need only on of them), While countering Dracarys.

7°) Devils in the details

Wardens of the West You're here to do intrigue, so why not giving you the opportunity to ruin opponents' hand on first/second turn if odds are favorable ? Otherwise, it stays a plot with 5 gold passing Naval Superiority, basically allowing you to make a good deployment at the start of the game, which complement the economic plot Noble Cause. After that, your economy should normally be ensured by your big characters. His Initiative 4 and Reserve 6 are appreciable bonuses.

So now, the moment were you finish your decks and make choices. The most obvious one : Shadowblack Lanex2 Tutoring Treachery or Trial by Combat is insane. Tutoring Trial By Combat reliably each turn, while you have the opportunity to do two intrigue challenges, could make you properly clean boards at the end of the day. It's the only card requiring to kneel your house faction card, and the best "draw" card for me since it is cheap.

Grand Maester Pycelle x2 He does not get well with FSoW, but he draws and has a power icon along his intrigue one. And you need these things so badly.

The Hound x1 He has to be repetitively paid, which is embarassing for the rest of the deck. So i only run him in x1 since he is a powerful add to the deck strategy. Especially for his pow icon.

Littlefinger x2 Upon drawing cards, Pycelle gets back in hand on FSoW and Lannisport is too expensive. Littlefinger provide the right icon, the icon you're weak in and that is desirable at this cost, draw immediately effective that is useful for never lacking cards, and he has a gold bonuses that you could look down on... until you play it and realised he is further getting you rid of economic problems.

Rattleshirt's Raidersx3

Milk of the Poppy is the nightmare of the deck, and you prefer don't run Confiscation since you basically play two of them while getting few slots in the plotline. They are well fitting the philosophy of the deck, and running them in x3 allow you to statistically get them on Summons. Since you need additional card for FSoW, they make a coherent choice.

Weaknesses :You are more vulnerable to everything counting on decisive events. Baratheon kneel also since you dont run Seal of the Hand. I don't know for "mirrors" LoTC more classics. I suppose their selected kill options, and your lack of counters, made you vulnerable, but you are like to outrush when installed. The problem is precisely that : being installed.

Strong point : You counter Stark dramatically, they can't afford intrigue rush between other advantages.


Constrictor 1

Nice list! I have been working on something similar for the past few months. It has been decent. How have the games been with this deck?

Benji 758

I played a lot Lannister before, so i know the cards, and thus did not playtest the deck that much. I only made three games with this module. Honnestly, It's Lannister so it's very flexible, you adapt to the cards you have and game situation. What really changes is the possibility to multiply the opportunities of scoring points : LotTC, Intrigue, Renown of Jaime in military, Power... You put your opponent under pressure at the score. But you pay it by being less able to kill characters at table, or having less presence at table. So i think it's less efficient than the "normal" orientation.

Dydra 1467

Cheers for the deck. I was thinking of making something Small Council Chamber related, but never had the time for it. :(

If Milk is such a problem for this deck, I personally wouldn't take out Confiscation even for 3x Rattleshirt's Raiders. One is removal on demand, the others is pretty conditional. I think mix of both should be optimal.

What about Wildling Scout and Syrio Forel? Giving Stealth to Cersei seems pretty good in this type of deck :)

iaan 17

This deck will get a lot better with the lanni box and the new Cersei Lannister. Love the idea bud!

Benji 758

`@Dydra : From my previous experience, Milk on Tywin or Tyrion is problematic because your deck is weakened, and that's what made me said : Milk of the Poppy is a nightmare. But since this version has better powergrab, one additional intrigue challenge, it's less important for the " Renown & Stealth (Unoposed)" module that score points. It's still problematic for the lost economy, still. So i probably worsened the impact of Poppy.

You can put Confiscation if you want, it's simply removing Warden of the West. I wanna play the plot to see what he does, because it's typically a plot that could be played in an appropriate deck. I think Warden is not the best choice : he is occasionally efficient due to the specific cards he requires early in the game. But he gives you an opportunity to damage opponent's hand badly in early game, so... worth a lot of trying to have a clear picture.

Wilding Scout has nothing to do in this deck, in my view. Syrio more, since he counters the agenda drawback. But it's kind of a "win more" card in my view for this type of deck. You play it when stealth is a part of your "great plan", like in Greyjoy.

@iaan : Not sure Cersei LotR would make this archetype more efficient. It's a completely different orientation, more oriented toward powerrush in my view. And Valar is coming, so 4/5 gold cost character will become the more cost efficient.

h0etry 1

Played this at regional Dortmund today

Lost first round to Stark Fealty due to nearly no economy draws

Lost second round to Greyjoy crossing cause he spiked my Jaime in first turn and didn't draw any key characters after that. Additional the Greyjoy plots had a better initiative so he could start first each turn. He finished in turn three with Rise of the Kraken

Lost third round to Stark Lion cause i didn't draw any economy again despite counting coppers and couldn't play a "support of the people" cause had no chance to win a power challenge with +5

Bye in forth round

Won 5th round against Targaryen Lion cause I had drew a lot of economy and had all three Tywins out. Pretty safe win after round 5/6

All in all I feel like the deck really needs a very good set up added with some key caharacters following cause it's pretty hard to get back if you are behind. Also i think it's behind against Greyjoy Crossing cause of better plots on Greyjoy side

Benji 758

I think you get the main idea : it's difficult to get from behind because it's a rush mechanic. What is problematic there, is that it's a rush mechanic relying on two expensive locations and not key characters, which is less "explosive" than a Tyrell one. I still have decent results with the deck on OCTGN, and find small council impressive. Setup was not my problem, it was mainly to feel a lack of character removal. Maybe you get a bad day also :) I don't think it's stronger than classi Lanni, my current goal is to dig inside the archetype to find what could be the best option for it.

Fortified position, for example, is a plot that favored Location. A Game of Thrones could give you one turn. Tears of Lys are direct character removal and are perhaps better than Trial by Combat, which is conditional (but radical).