No Middle Ground

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work in progress


bretmichaelswannabe 56

I would skip the tickler and put in 2 milk of tthe puppy to use on the hound instead, also 3 roseroad in change of 1copy of cersei, tears and things! Otherwise pretty solid deck!! nice work, played aot with it?

--- 788

@bretmichaelswannabe ah interesting use of the poppy, however spending 4 gold and 2 cards on a 6str mono isn’t the most optimal of plans but it would a cool play if I had no ther use for the milk. The reason there is no milk in the deck currently is because the idea is that I’m too busy killing to care about it. however after some play testing I’m thinking of adding it back in

--- 788

@bretmichaelswannabe yeah not sure about the rose road, mixed feelings about the card but I def think a cersei is expendable in this deck for something else